Friday, January 14, 2011

Letter To Shropshire Councillors

This letter has been sent to all 74 Councillors in Shropshire.

Dear Councillor,

 I am the lay legal representative for two Shropshire residents, Anne Greig and her daughter Hollie Greig.
 Hollie has Downs Syndrome and in her childhood she was sexually abused by a gang of paedophiles in her home city of Aberdeen. Hollie was awarded £13,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority despite the fact that no-one was ever charged with any crime. Anne and Hollie moved from Aberdeen to Shropshire with the intention of starting a new life.

 In 2010 the campaign for Hollie's abusers to be brought to justice gathered considerable momentum in spite of the fact that it has not been reported by the mainstream media. It appears that there are powerful forces attempting to protect Hollie's abusers and to ensure that her story is not told. Unfortunately, Shropshire Council, rather than offering protection and support to these two vulnerable women, have actually subjected them to harassment and intimidation.

 The most serious incident occurred on June 3rd 2010 when my clients house was broken into by 3 police officers accompanied by 2 employees of Shropshire Council. Less than 2 hours prior to the break-in I was contacted by DC Ed Bates of West Mercia Police who advised me that Social Services had contacted the police as they had concerns about Hollie's safety and wellbeing. I assured DC Bates that Hollie was safe and well and that she was taking a short holiday with her mother. In spite of my assurances, the Greigs house was raided and was basically vandalised. The police and Council employees were in the property for 3 hours and Anne's computer and various personal items were removed.

 I am aware that on June 1st 2010 Social Services in Shropshire were contacted by a Mr Greg Lance-Watkins of Chepstow who claimed to be concern for Hollie's safety and wellbeing. Mr Lance-Watkins, who has never met Hollie, is a full-time blogger who holds various strange and extreme opinions ( a google search of his name will demonstrate this). I am shocked that Shropshire Council appear to have been influenced by this person, who claims to be in contact with Hollie's brother, who is one of the people she has named as having abused her. On June 10th 2010 a photograph which was removed from the Greigs house during the raid appeared on one of Mr Lance-Watkins blogs.

 I have written to the Chief Executive of Shropshire Council, Mr Kim Ryley, who assured me that the Council had no prior knowledge of the raid. I have recently learned from the Information Commission that this statement is untrue. I have twice attempted to talk about this matter at Public Meetings of Shropshire Council and have been prevented from doing so although from conversations with individual Councillors it has became clear to me that elected representatives have no knowledge whatsoever of these events.

 I believe that Kim Ryley is personally responsible both for the harassment and intimidation of two vulnerable women and for lying in an attempt to cover up his actions. Therefore I consider that he is not a suitable person to hold the postion of Chief Executive of Shropshire Council and I would ask that you take the necessary actions to remove him from office.

 I have only provided a short summary of the facts and if you wish to have  more information or to see documentary evidence please feel free to contact me.

 Yours faithfully,

 Robert Green


  1. A shocking and daming account of state abuse to cover up rape of a little gril, does it get more vile than this!

  2. Robert,

    Have you tried to obtain the Lodge Books of the Freemasons in the Shropshire Lodges?

    These may give you some links to people involved in the misdeeds and mischief here.

    These are held by some people as Tony Gosling and Gerry Coulter.