Friday, December 31, 2010

Dame Anne Begg

I am shocked to learn that Aberdeen South MP Anne Begg has been made a dame in the New Years Honours List for "services to disabled people".

She repeatedly refused to answer questions related to the allegations of sexual abuse made by her disabled former constituent Hollie Greig during the 2010 General Election campaign despite it being an important local issue on which I was standing as a candidate.

My client, Anne Greig, had earlier approached Ms Begg, directly asking her for help in seeking justice for her daughter Hollie, who had been so cruelly abused and betrayed by those whose duty it was to protect her. Ms Begg`s answer was succinct and telling - it was "What do you expect me to do about it?"

Perhaps Ms Begg`s attitude to this appeal had been somewhat coloured by the fact that one of her key activist supporters, Wyn Dragon, had been identified by Hollie as one of her abusers. At some point around the summer of 2010, Ms Dragon became a "Facebook friend" of Hollie's abuser father, Denis Mackie.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Seasons Greetings to all Hollie Supporters

I would like to express my deep gratitude, on behalf of Hollie, Anne and me, for all the wonderful support we have received over the past year and also our admiration for the enormous courage displayed by many of our active contributors. Although many people have displayed great kindness in their remarks to me, it is absolutely essential to appreciate that this tremendous campaign is very much a team effort, involving numerous brave people, all, no doubt, inspired as I am by these two marvellous ladies.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all
Robert Green

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Explain this Mr. Thomas, Head of Democratic Services, Shropshire Council...

Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2010 16:02
Dear Mr Thomas,

As you will be aware, I was unhappy about not being allowed to address the full council today regarding the most shameful actions by officials and a councillor, Mrs Caesar-Homden, that threatens to bring both national and international disgrace on the county. Both councillors and public are entitled to be be made aware of such conduct and the way in which public finances are used or in this case, abused.

Please ascertain that I have the opportunity to speak at the next meeting of this kind and confirm the details accordingly.
Finally, was the decision to prevent me speaking today in any way attributable to the Chief Executive. I must tell you that of the absolute importance that your answer to this question is entirely truthful.
Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 16:15:47 +0000

Dear Mr Green

The Council’s Procedural Rules provide for members of the public to ask a question, make a statement or present a petition subject to them giving the appropriate notice prior to the meeting. For statements and questions this is two clear days. So with regard to the next meeting on 13 January 2011, I would need to have details of your question or statement by no later than 5.00 p.m. on Monday, 10 January 2011.
Please be aware that a question needs to include the name of the person to whom it is to be put. At any one meeting no person may submit more than two questions.
Furthermore, the Chief Executive, as Proper Officer, may reject a question if it:
· is not about a matter where the Council has a responsibility or a legitimate interest;
· is defamatory, frivolous or offensive;
· is substantially the same as a question which has been put at a meeting of the Council in the past six months; or
· requires the disclosure of confidential or exempt information.

Given the final pre-condition, it is unlikely that any question relating to Holly would be acceptable.
Finally, I can confirm that enforcement of the Procedure Rules with regard to you not being allowed to speak, cannot be attributed to the Chief Executive.
Yours sincerely
Richard Thomas

I think that Mr Thomas, in his official role, should explain to the people of Shropshire and beyond how he thinks democracy is being served by trying to conceal attacks by the council on a disabled multiple rape victim and her devoted mother, moreover at the expense of the Shropshire taxpayers without their knowledge. Shropshire Council officials are already avoiding a number of pertinent and legal questions about its conduct and that of individuals employed by or acting as its agents.
Does Mr Thomas believe that the taxpayers of Shropshire and their elected representatives should be denied knowing the details of this case that has attracted global support and opprobium for those who seek to persecute victims and in doing so, help to protect those involved in the most horrifying crimes against children and the disabled?

Please feel free to email Mr Thomas at and pose the question to him yourselves

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To all Hollie's Facebook Supporters

I am very pleased to support the new Scotland`s Shame? Google Hollie Greig facebook group and would be delighted to see as many of those who care about Hollie and Anne to join or to check on the latest events and views. The Hollie campaign is first and foremost a team effort and it is my wish and that of Hollie and Anne that all the loyal, caring and courageous people who have contributed so much, without being in the limelight, will someday soon receive the widespread acclaim they so richly deserve. When justice is achieved, Scotland will be a better place thanks to these wonderful people.
Please click on and join the groups listed below and be part of a growing movement for justice this Christmas, thank you.

Scotland's Shame? Google Hollie Greig 
Hollie DemandsJustice
Hollie Demands Justice on YouTube

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Sectioning of Anne Greig

There are so many issues of the case which compellingly point to official lies and criminal misconduct. Perhaps one of the most blatant is the kidnapping and assault on Anne Greig on 5th September 2000, just eleven days after Hollie had named a large number of abusers and other child victims to Grampian Police.

Ten people, including police officers, arrived at Anne and Hollie`s home that day to drag Anne to a local mental institution and to assault her publicly by thrusting a needle into one of her buttocks, in full view of the neighbours and a terrified Hollie.

Hollie was then taken by social workers to her rapist father.

Anne had the wherewithall to get away from the institution at Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen, a few days later and then, supported by her solicitor, Yvonne McKenna, was sent to a prominent specialist, Dr Margaret Smith for an analysis of her condition, said to be schizophrenia by Dr Alistair Palin, the doctor responsible at Cornhill. Dr Smith's report contained the following quotes:
~ She was articulate, fluent and coherent with a good verbal ability. She appeared to be functioning intellectually within the high average range.
~ Anne is not suffering from any major mental illness.
~ She is not suffering from mental handicap nor intellectual impairment.
~ There is no evidence that her behaviour is a danger to herself or others.
~ There is no evidence that she requires detention within the terms of the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984.

The solicitor then followed up by demanding a copy of the necessary sectioning warrant. On 1st November, Yvonne Osman of the Scottish Welfare Commission replied to say that no record of the required document could be discovered. Even Dr Palin had to concede, meanwhile, that he had to support Dr Smith`s analysis and that no trace of schizophrenia existed. On 23rd January 2001 Dr Palin wrote to Anne's GP to "confirm that I have now closed her case from a psychiatric point of view".

The Welfare Commission has repeatedly refused to launch an investigation into the affair, even though its own letter makes it clear that a serious irregularity has taken place. I think it clear that a very serious crime has been committed against Anne and almost certainly against Hollie too.

One additional curiosity is that one of the Social Services` officers involving in instigating the attack on Anne is called Sarah J Buchanan, a surname shared with four of the named abusers. I have been asking for the past five months whether Ms Buchanan is related in any way to any of those named by Hollie. This apparently simple question appears to have Ms Buchanan and the Aberdeen Council`s Elizabeth Wood in some difficulty, as it is claimed that no information relating to the query is available.

The only reason that I have asked the question is, of course, to avoid any misunderstanding or distress should it be that Ms Buchanan is not related to any of the abusers. The failure to respond to such a simple question can only lead to understandable conjecture.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Council Meeting In Shrewsbury

  This morning I attended a meeting of Shropshire County Council in Shrewsbury. I was under the impression that this was a public meeting and I intended to ask the Chief Executive, Kim Ryley, some pertinent questions regarding the Council's treatment of Hollie, most notably in relation to the police raid on her home 6 months ago.
 I was pleased to be joined by 8 other Hollie supporters in the hall and we were not particularly surprised when it was announced at the start of the meeting that Councillor Aggie Ceasar-Homden was unable to attend. Ms Ceaser-Homden is the Councillor most closely associated with the intimidation of Hollie.
 When there was a suitable break in proceedings I got to my feet and took the opportunity to describe to the meeting the appalling treatment which Hollie has endured from the Council but I was told by officials that I would not be allowed to speak. After barely 30 seconds I was escorted from the premises by security guards. As I was leaving, a lady got to her feet to express her disgust as she had travelled all the way from London in the hope of finding out the truth about this case.
 Immediately following my expulsion I was followed out of the meeting by a BBC reporter who had been in attendance and I talked to her at length about Hollie's case. Later we were joined by Councillor Roger Evans who expressed his concern that he knew absolutely nothing about the case. I was able to supply him with several dozen leaflets to distribute to his fellow Councillors.
  On Tuesday night I appeared on the Paul Drockton Radio Show and took the opportunity to read from the report prepared by the child psychologist Eva Harding, which is powerful and distrurbing evidence of the abuse suffered by Hollie. Paul is based in the USA and has been a great supporter of Hollie's cause. This week we have also benefited from the case being publicised in America via the websites of Henry Makow and Debbie Morgan.
 I am very grateful to these people for their efforts in getting the message out although I would also ask that each of you do what ever you can as individuals to tell Hollie's story. With virtually no coverage in the mainstream media, I need to rely on Hollie's supporters to spread the word by teliing their family, their friends, their work-mates and their neighbours.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Interview on

 I was recently interviewed by Mel Ve, a Dutch based journalist/activist who runs a website

I was pleased to be able to bring out the facts of the case to a wider international audience and to remind the British government of its responsibilities to its most vulnerable citizens. Further delay by the authorities can only be in the interests of the alleged perpetrators and those in positions of responsibility who have been proven beyond reasonable doubt to have taken steps to cover the issues up.

 A link to the interview is attached.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Shameful Role of Shropshire Council

Although the atrocities against Hollie and Anne  took place in Aberdeen, the attacks they have been subjected to in England by Shropshire Council (and others) indicate the power of a cruel and ruthless network, prepared to use any means to cover up paedophile crime.

Shropshire`s actions to cause alarm and distress to the ladies include taking the form of preventing them from attending meetings about Hollie`s case. The reason given is that the council feel that Hollie`s attendance may lead to her being upset, whereas the total opposite is true. Hollie is overjoyed to be in the company of those who demonstrate that they believe in her and offer support and love in a most wonderful way, as any who have met Hollie in such circumstances must surely testify to.

Shropshire based its ill-judged opinion largely on the view of a known felon and malcontent who does not even know Hollie. Additionally, two false and misleading reports were prepared by social worker Helen Ogilvy and psychologist Dr Carolyn McQueen. The latter has also never met or spoken to Hollie or Anne and Ogilvy`s personal involvement was of a cursory and very temporary nature a long time ago, relating to administrative matters. Moreover, Hollie is not and has never been under the care of Shropshire Council, although it clearly attempted to mislead West Mercia Police into believing that this was the case. We hold a document indicating that this is so.

It may not be coincidental that both Ogilvy and McQueen are Scottish, the latter a product of St Andrews University.

Perhaps cruellest of all was the raid and ransacking of Hollie and Anne`s home on 3rd June. The ludicrous excuse for this was that the council had deemed, with no justification whatsoever, that Holie had suddenly become a "missing person" and it claimed that there was "concern for her safety." The raiding team, consisting of three uniformed police officers and two council employees, spent over three hours  searching their little home. The property was effectively vandalised, as I can personally testify to as I was with Hollie and Anne when they first re-entered their home. Anne`s computer and other articles were seized and one item appeared shortly afterwards on the aforementioned felon`s site.

If there had been any rational semblance of truth in the council`s alleged concern, then surely the most obvious person to approach would have been me, as I am the ladies` lay legal representative and the person most closely identified with them publicly. In fact, I received a call from DC Bates, of West Mercia Police, around 13.30 hrs on 3rd June. Although I told the officer that I did not know precisely where they were, as I understood that they were taking a short holiday, I had absolutely no reason to have any concern for their safety whatsoever. I was, of course, extremely surprised by the call at the time. DC Bates said his call was at the request of Social Services.

I learned the following day that the raid took place just one and a helf hours after I had given the officer this assurance!

When subsequently challenged, Shropshire Council claimed that they had no idea that the raid had taken place, despite an assurance by Inspector Jim Stafford that two of its employees, one from the housing department and one a carpenter, were present during the proceedings, which would appear to have been supported by local witness statements.

So far, those primarily responsible for the persecution of Hollie and Anne, have been identified as Chief Executive Kim Ryley, Legal Officer Tim Collard, Social Services officer Stephen Chandler and Councillor Aggie Caesar-Homden. The last named resigned from the local parish council rather than face me at a public meeting on 1st November. Collard has so far refused to name those who attended a Level 2 meeting that led to the ransacking of the home. Every effort has also been made to conceal the costs of these actions from the people of Shropshire, who are paying for these inhumane attacks on vulnerable local residents.

The sheer cruelty and dishonesty of Shropshire officials is scarcely credible in persecuting these dear and gallant women who have already endured so much. I am determined to bring those responsible to account and my attendance at the public council meeting in Shrewsbury at the Shirehall at ten this Thursday, 9th December, is intended to accelerate this process.

There are other disturbing issues relating to the events in England which will be disclosed at a future date.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Robert Green's New Blog

 I have decided to start a blog so that the many, many people who are supporting Hollie Greig in her quest for justice can be kept up-to-date with ongoing developments.

  Hollie and her mother Anne are still living in Shropshire and both were deeply touched by the number of cards sent by supporters on Hollie's recent birthday. Both are in good spirits , they are looking forward to Christmas and in order to clear up any possible misunderstandings they are not subject to any form of supervision from Shropshire Council or any other body. Nevertheless the council has sought to prevent Hollie and Anne attending meetings where their case is discussed. Hollie is now 31 years old, competent and exercises her right to vote, amongst other things and I regard these restrictions as a cruel and flagrant breach of her human rights.

  In respect of the criminal charge which has been brought against myself, I have not yet been advised of a trial date in spite of the fact that nearly ten months have elapsed since I was arrested for Breach of the Peace in Aberdeen as I was preparing to distribute leaflets about Hollie's case. Standard procedure is that a trial date is set immediately after a person is charged but no-one has been able to provide an explanation for this delay. I am still bound by bail conditions which require me to report to my local police station twice per week and prohibit me from entering the city of Aberdeen or the county of Aberdeenshire.

 I have a great deal more information on Hollie's case and the ongoing cover-up which I will share in future blogs. I would welcome your comments and will do my best to address any points which you may raise