Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Diary Of Injustice In Scotland

 Congratulations to Peter Cherbi for unearthing another legal scandal in Scotland involving both the Crown Office and "Justice" Secretary, Kenny MacAskill. It almost goes without saying that the mainstream media are not reporting this matter.


  1. I remember watching a fly-on-the wall documentary some years ago, which followed law students through their course. Prior to graduation they were given advice on how to obtain a placement with a law firm.

    The only answer they should give if asked as to why they wanted to work for the firm was, 'I want to make as much money as possible'.

    Hence, most lawyers think ethics is a county!

  2. in these times of austerity there is no excuse for the failures to bring these people to account for their crimes. It suggests that there are others higher up the scale who are complicit in these crimes. Have they been paid off?