Friday, September 23, 2011

How You Can Help To Defend Freedom Of Speech

On the 14th November, I am to stand trial at Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire on a breach of the peace charge. Due to the anticipated large number of witnesses, the proceedings are set to last for two weeks.
The terms of my defence will ensure that this trial becomes a test case, not only for the future of the freedom of the press, but also impacts on freedom of speech. I shall stand on the right of a journalist to publish what he believes to be the truth and is in the public interest. My excellent legal team, led by the eminent Frances McMenamin QC, feel that the success of my defence may be enhanced by having letters produced in Court from those who have supported my actions in bringing the Hollie Greig case into the public domain and believe my stance to be justified in the public interest.

Thus, I would be most grateful to anyone who feels that they can support me in this way.

The letters must be hard copies, sent by mail, not email. To be valid, they must contain the address, name and signature of the sender and be addressed in the following manner, to enable me to forward them to my solicitor, Mr Gerry Sweeney, and then onward to be placed before the Sheriff. It should open with "To whom it may concern".

Here is the address,

The Court,
c/o Robert Green
4 Birchdale Road
Cheshire WA4 5AR

This issue, I believe, is of importance far beyond the parameters of the case itself. It revolves around the concept of openness versus secrecy in our society. It must now be obvious to any reasonable person following the Hollie Greig case that the degree of secrecy involving senior state officials in trying to obstruct and pervert the course of justice by making clandestine agreements behind closed doors is completely unacceptable in any civilised and democratic society.

May I thank everyone who has supported Hollie, Anne and me throughout the campaign and hope that you may be able to help in this regard. The letters do not need to be lengthy, nor particularly detailed. All that is requested is a statement that you support my position before the Court.


  1. What an excellent idea. Now is the chance for all those hundreds /thousands of people, who for whatever reason feel helpless, you can now play a significant part in doing something for Hollie and Robert. You can count me in :)

  2. May I suggest that anyone submitting a letter of support also copies in their local MP.

  3. May I say first that it is abundantly clear to any right-thinking person that Mr. Robert Green has acted with the most extraordinary bravery and selflessness in campaigning for Hollie Greig and Anne Greig.

    Whilst no-one outside at the moment can say for sure what happened to Hollie (barring a proper and thorough investigation of her allegations, which as we know so far hasn't happened), it IS very clear from the circumstances surrounding the case that something is deeply, deeply wrong in Scotland: the judicial subversion of the democratic process in Aberdeen South at the last General Election (by Sheriff Not "A Proper Professional Party" Davies), and what seems to be an attempt to apply here (at best) selective justice to Mr. Green, being just two.

    I apologise in advance if I have misunderstood this blog posting though, but may I ask what are the nature of the charges?

    What I mean is that if the charges are specifically to do with the naming of individuals, then I do not personally support that as such: given the truly abhorrent, despicable and revolting nature of the crimes individuals are alleged to have committed against Hollie Greig and others, in my opinion there can only be 1 defence that could ever possibly be justified in any naming of people or persons as such perpetrators -- and that is 'veritas', ie. that the allegations are true.

    I am concerned that going down a road of 'freedom of the press' would be going down some sort of winding road, complicating the matter and getting away from the issue -- that it is a kind of convoluted defense that may take it on to shaky ground, when what is needed is just a matter of keeping it simple.

    May I wish you every success in your upcoming legal case Mr. Green.

  4. It is alleged that I conducted a public campaign of harassment against named persons, placing them in a state of fear and alarm for their safety causing the apprehension of serious public disturbance in Aberdeen and elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

    I am advised by legal experts that this appears to be a most unusual interpretation of the law relating to Breach of the Peace.

  5. Hello Robert,

    The powers that be seem to use the harassment legislation as a catch all for those they seek to persecute. The Protection of Harassment Act was intended to be used against people such as stalkers. It has been abused in that it is used to criminalise law abiding people who have rocked the boat for the authorities. Smears that rely on the word of others who bear a grudge.

    I think the lawyers are stretching it to try and say this amounts to a Breach of the Peace.

    Comes the day (if it ever gets that far) I suspect their case will fall down like a pack of cards.

    In the meantime, my letter of support is on the way to you.


  6. I dont know what Im meant to say is there a basic template I can slightly adjuust to suit with my details etc. please

  7. Im writing today and will say the following:
    "To whom it may concern,
    I, Mrs *****, fully support Mr Robert Green's position before the court

    Signature and date"

    Hope this helps you, Mrs J

  8. Hi Robert, I am sending you a letter in the post friday, registered and signed for so that they can't say they lost it :) I will also copy in my local MP. Sending you very best wishes and good luck

    Rob C

  9. I'm in. thanks for the template. Will certify the letter as well. I reside no where, haven't been to UK since i was 6, and work in asia w/ 2 non-uk passports. I see a lot of obtuse stuff, worldwide. Exasperating part is that it is indeed so horrific that most sheeple cannot withstand the trauma that goes along with recognition. Bless us all, including the sheeple.

  10. Having read up on what has happened to Hollie & her Mother / Uncle I am APPALLED beyond belief. If we are to proclaim to have a “justice system” then it MUST uphold justice without prejudice or favour. I have forwarded on the legally limited information about this case to my friends, colleagues & associates. There is an UNSTOPABLE FORCE rising to their feet to ensure that this case is fully exposed for what it is…SICK, CORRUPTED & ABHORENT …the whole world will be watching & will rise up in revolt when the truth is dragged to the surface. These SICK members of the cabal (& all who connive with them) WILL BE EXPOSED for what they are. Letter to be sent on Tues 4th Oct. Good luck Hollie & Robert.

  11. I think there is a more fundamental principle at stake here -- and that is that it is surely a person's right to make a public statement about another, or others, in long as that statement is true.

    To me your defence just now is kind of going along lines that say, 'one has to be a journalist to tell the truth.' Well, no.

    I am not a lawyer, but in my opinion the ONLY leg you have got to stand on here is to prove in court that you were telling the truth about certain people.

    I presume this would involve the calling of Hollie Greig as a witness, and any other witnesses who would be willing to testify.

    As it stands, what if the sheriff 'pulls a Davies' 2 minutes into your trial, saying: "You're not a proper, professional journalist", or something like that, and immediately dismisses your defence? Isn't that indeed the precedent set by Sheriff Davies, after all..?

    And aren't the prosecution and Sheriff just as likely to point to a lot of letters as being 'evidence' of 'public foment' you have caused?

    Listen, a 'test case for journalism' would no doubt make a nice gravy train for a bunch of lawyers to ride round the Highlands for the next few years, but if you actually want to win this case then quite simply you have to get straight to the point and PROVE in court that any allegations you have made are true.

    Of course this may be somewhat academic, given that, as I understand it, you're going to be tried without a jury by a colleague of one of the persons who have been accused. And also by the fact that the Scottish Courts recently awarded themselves the right to hold 'minor' cases in secret:

    But it's surely worth a try.

    Mr. Green I urge you to see this case through to its completion in what I am sure is the spirit you started it: not going down some sort of journalism-in-law-and-associated-arguments route...but by pursuing a simple path of truth.

  12. The points made are both valid and interesting and I fully appreciate the concerns, having experienced the Scottish "justice" system first hand. However, I now do have an excellent legal team representing me and it will be in open court in full view of public and media and believe that the tactics and stance we have chosen will prove to be effective.

    It is important to remember, that as with all court cases, it's scope is strictly limited. I am being tried for Breach of the Peace and it is not a forum to debate the veracity of Hollie's allegations in any detail.

  13. i have demanded freedom of information against grampian police and also i have made these two videos and i am asking for people to make them viral.

    On tuesday i will be confronting the snp face to face about their illegal actions towards you robert and towards the greig family. I do not care for what will happen to me.

    I believe in justice and freedom of speech. I am directly against this and i will do anything to stop this evil. It makes me sick to the stomach and these sick individuals can try to break me all they want. I will not give in.

    How can i get inside the public viewing of your case robert. I will show vocal support for you my friend.

  14. I have crafted and sent you a letter of support also. Good luck!