Friday, February 18, 2011

Court Expenses

Last year the Court of Session in Edinburgh granted an interdict against myself preventing me from making certain statements. The pursuer in this civil action was a Mr Graham Buchanan.

I was surprised to learn that I would be held liable for Mr Buchanan's expenses incurred in obtaining this injunction and I have now received notice to pay £6,195.60. I understand that these expenses include the cost of hiring a private detective.

Mr Buchanan is employed as a Sheriff, a position which according to publicly available information, earns an annual salary of £128,296. It seems to me fundamentally unjust that I should be held liable for these expenses while at the same time I have been refused legal aid to pay for a defence in my criminal trial.


 I am pleased to report that the blog has now reached the landmark of 10,000 hits since it's launch eleven weeks ago. I welcome all your comments and was particularly interested in the comments made by "John" regarding Graham Power and the Haut de la Garenne case. I intend to return to this topic in a future blog.


 Can I take this opportunity to remind everyone that Hollie's supporters will be participating in an event organised by Unison, this Saturday, 19th February, commencing at 11am at the Shire Hall, Shrewsbury. All are welcome to attend this peaceful demonstration.


  1. Nothing to hide nothing to fear. Something to hide something to fear

  2. Sorry Robert, but your case is mirroring that of Stuart Syvret. He is on bail pending appeal on a 10 week jail sentence. Bear in mind that he was a senior politician in Jersey, and has the backing of, primarily, John Hemming MP. There is much information on his case, here would be a good start, some good links therein.

    I feel that the only way forward here is for Hollie to take out a civil action against Graham Buchanan. I know it's a different world, but this worked to get OJ Simpson convicted where the criminal trial failed.

    Birds of a feather stick together, and thats's the problem with the Establishment. Break from the flock and you are what I term 'Michael Meechered', or even worse, 'Robin Cooked'.

    Don't make a rod for your own back.

  3. Robert, I am not sure but have an idea that if you live in England, you cannot be liable for debts in Scotland. They may send you a bill but can they enforce the collection of the amount concerned? I don't think so but do get advice on this latest dirty trick.

    I agree that there are strong parallels between the treatment you are getting and that meted out to Stuart Syvret. It seems that this bunch of scumbags have a standard method of working against those who try to bring them to justice.


  4. Stick a Commercial Lien on him for a Commercial Injury against you.

    You could also lien the Judge, but you will need to exhaust your Administrative Process first, which means obtaining their agreement by their silence to your Affidavit.