Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spreading The Word In Shrewsbury

We had a very useful day demonstrating at an event organised by the local unions on Saturday in Shrewsbury, against the cuts faced by the people of Shropshire. Although we have a separate and non-political agenda, of course, there was a great deal of interest and support from many of the hundreds of those present, not only about the issue of the council`s inhumane conduct towards Hollie and Anne, but also about the misuse of public funds in attacking them. Special thanks to all of Hollie's supporters who attended and contributed to a very successful day.

It was very gratifying to learn just how many local people knew something about Hollie`s case and emphasises just how effective the internet campaign and supporting demonstrations have been. We are seeing many examples around the world where social networking sites, blogs etc are enabling seismic changes to take place. Although it is frustrating that Hollie's case goes virtually unreported in the mainstream media, the internet is a powerful tool which cannot be censored.

  I note with interest the criticism which has been heaped upon Shropshire Council boss, Kim Ryley, in the wake of the event he recently hosted at London's Savoy Hotel.


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