Friday, February 25, 2011

Too Horrific To Be True ?

Many people will find the Hollie Greig case too horrific for them to contemplate, as it deals with both allegations that a disabled child was systematically by a paedophile ring and that people in positions of authority appear to have gone to great lengths to protect the alleged abusers. It would be a perfectly understandable reaction to think "These allegations are just too awful to possibly be true" and to dismiss them out of hand. Certainly, if one were to write a book or a film script along these lines it would be regarded as too far-fetched to be taken seriously.

For many, many decades allegations were made that children had been abused by priests in the Catholic Church. Allegations were made in virtually every country in the world where the Catholic Church had a presence but these were swept under the carpet and it is only in recent years that the extent of the abuse has been acknowledged. It is difficult to believe that any more than a small minority of priests were involved in the actual abuse but it appears that there was a misguided view that a scandal had to be avoided at all costs which was shared by very senior figures in the Church. The attached wikipedia article provides full details:

So we can see that it is possible for paedophile crimes to be perpetrated on a global basis over a very long period of time and for a cover-up to last for decades. I would stress that I am not trying to criticise the Catholic Church and that I have the utmost respect for people of all faiths and of none.

Although the mainstream media is somewhat selective in it's coverage of paedophile crimes, the internet provides a platform for ordinary people to highlight the extent of the paedophile problem and it is encouraging that an increasing number of people are coming forward to talk about abuse rather than suffering in silence. If we can break the taboo on this subject it will make life much more difficult both for paedophiles and those who protect them.

Two of the bravest and best campaigners in this field are Chris Wittwer, who runs a website called Children Have Rights In Society, and Bill Maloney of Pie And Mash Films.


  1. Whilst the crimes committed by the paedophiles are sickening enough, what makes me feel decidedly ill is the fact that there have been concerted efforts by many governments and other establishments to cover up these appalling crimes. These have been happening for many decades at least.

    I have read that those who tried to expose the paedophile priests were targetted themselves. It is said that Veronica Guerin, the journalist who wa shot dead in Dublin, was about to expose horrific child abuse by priests in Ireland. Her death was attributed to a drug baron to detract from the truth.

    It is time to make all those who have perpetrated these crimes aware that time is running out. There will be no hiding place from now on.

    Thank you for posting the links to Pie and Mash and Chris's website. More power to them!


  2. In the Early 60s as a child I was sexually abused by neibour. In 1999 I informed a Socil worker, I also informed her that this man had assualted an other child at this time, and he has since adapted children. I made a statement to the Garda in 2000, nothing happend for the next five years. In 2005 I made an offfical complaint about the lack of action by the Authorities. I got an official apoligy i 2006, the investigattion toook off and three more victims made statment. The evidence was there, but the man was never charged because it happened so long ago it was said he would not get a fair trial. Fact 1 - He is a retired prison officer, Fact 2 His brother is retired police man. Fact 3. A phone call to the social worker in the year 2000 by a police sgt said that my information was wrong, (data established under the free of information law). This man still lives in the community, his adopted children now have children of their own. I cannot tell anyone to be aware of him. The law protect him, he could sue me. I have been told in the last week that his house was raided and child porn was found on his computer. I hope and pray it was my actions in 2000 & 2005 led to this raid.

    Rgds, AntHONY