Friday, August 19, 2011

New Trial Date

 Yesterday I attended Stonehaven Sheriff Court for the tenth time. My defence team argued that my trial should be delayed until after the verdicts are delivered in 2 other cases which may have a significant bearing on the interpretation of Human Rights law. I am pleased to be able to report that this was accepted by the Sheriff.

 The trial is now due to begin on November 14th and is expected to last at least 2 weeks.

1 comment:

  1. ... What did you do to get a trial last that long? ...

    I was abused for at least 19 yrs and my trial only lasted 3 days... ??? And his sentencing was lousy 2 yrs in prison and 6 months on probation... He could had got 15 yrs.. He admitted some things, but not everything and the jury beleived in my testomony and not his. Still yet ONLY that low sentencing for using things such as a srewdriver and hairbrush, death treats, being told off several times, and still yet continued, posible made me pregnant where I had an abortion... ??? Laws on incest and sexual abuse is not RIGHT, not even humanly right or fair...

    I am NOT happy for the victory, just absolutely SAD because of his sentencing :-( ... This is the Norwegian lawsystem...

    Hang in there Hollie <3 Big hugs to you <3

    And Robert, thanks for doing the fight for her <3 I stood my battle alone for 27 yrs and won! Do not give up!