Friday, August 12, 2011

Scotland Safer Than England ?

 In the front page headline in yesterday's "Scotsman" newspaper, Alex Salmond claimed that Scotland was a safer place than England.

 It appears to me that Scotland can only be described as "safe" if you are a paedophile as you can commit vile crimes without even being questioned by the police. Furthermore any person who attempts to bring these crimes to public attention can expect to be either forcibly sectioned or charged with breach of the peace and thrown into the cells.

 I also find it highly ironic that the justice system appears to be able to spring into action to deal with those accused of offences committed in the riots in English cities. What a contrast to the years, if not decades, which it takes to bring paedophiles to justice.

 I also note that David Cameron is vocal in his condemnation of the looters. Can we expect similar statements demanding tough action against paedophiles ?

 As the Crown Office believes that there is a "serious risk of civil unrest" if I enter Aberdeen, I am somewhat apprehensive that I may be held responsible for the rioting in Liverpool and Manchester, as I live within 20 miles of both cities.


  1. Alec still blustering and lying trying to polish a turd

  2. There are alternatives to get justice? I have often wondered if a Private Prosecution has ever been considered?

  3. Former Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's Child Abuse Enquiry calls for root and branch investigation into leaks to the media