Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Are We Trying To Achieve ?

Our primary aim is very simple. We want Justice for Hollie and the first step in that process must be for the police to conduct an open-minded and thorough investigation of her various allegations.

   Irrespective of the outcome of these investigations, we also want a full public enquiry into the failure to properly investigate the allegations in 2000 and the reasons why various public bodies have, not only denied Hollie justice, but actively persecuted her and her mother.

   Regrettably, I do not believe we will achieve these twin aims as a result of the authorities recognising that this is the right and proper thing to do. I believe that we will only achieve them as a result of widespread public pressure being brought to bear on the authorities. Therefore it is essential that, not only do we do everything we can to generate awareness of Hollie's case, but that we must always take care to present both ourselves and the case as being wholly credible and serious. We are seeking much greater coverage in the mainstream media, and I believe that this will happen, but we must always convey the message in the correct manner.

  We must take great care not to present Hollie's case as part of a greater conspiracy. It is humanitarian single-issue campaign with no connection to any other cause. We cannot afford to be distracted by irrelevant issues.

  We must avoid exaggeration or speculation about the possible motives behind the failure to investigate the allegations. The facts are so powerful that they do not require any embellishment.

  On a related theme, I am often asked to endorse or assist other anti-paedophile campaigns. The scale of child abuse, both in the UK and abroad, appears to be horrific and I applaud those who are genuinely trying to combat this evil and to raise awareness. However, as I am fully committed to the Hollie Greig case, I regret that I am unable to actively support any other causes.


  1. Well said Robert. No-one outside the so-called "truth movement" is likely to take the case seriously if it is talked about in the context of 9/11, freemasonry, shape shifting lizards, Magna Carta etc. Keep it real !

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  3. It is wrong, oh so wrong how power corrupts. As I have said before, how they can look children in the eye begs belief. Not only have they miserably failed Hollie but every child. That includes there own and future generations of theirs. We are dealing with people who would sell their own mother.

    They would of course pull out all the stops if it happened to their family. democracy V tyranny

  4. Alan Johnstone makes a fair point although I can see why people link it to other issues that will lead it down a cul de sac. To get Justice for Hollie that can really be the only issue otherwise despite Roberts best efforts the main stream will never pick up on it , they may NEVER pick up on it but lets not give them any excuses. I believe in many thing outside this ie 911 but its not appropriate to link the two other than a lack of common justice

  5. I couldn't agree more with Robert's blog. What's needed is a single issue campaign, presenting the facts as clearly and simply as possible - and the essential facts are simple - without exaggeration or unnecessary or unwarranted speculation: nothing that might stand in the way of people's acceptance of the basic injustice. Even the expression of moral outrage, however justified, is less important than a cool appraisal of strategy and tactics.