Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who Named the Dame of Shame?

Fred Goodwin has, of course, just been stripped of his knighthood.

David Ruffley MP has now suggested that if people regard anyone else as being unworthy of such an honour, they should approach the Forfeiture Committee with their views.

Mr Ruffley, it may be recalled, was the first MP to have the courage to speak out about the appalling way in which the Scottish justice system had dealt with the Hollie Greig case. He is not a Scottish MP, but represents Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, so his concerns about justice and the protection of Scottish children are all the more commendable.

In my view, the recent honouring of Elish Angiolini was in some ways far more troubling than that of Fred Goodwin and I shall explain why. This has nothing to do with anyone`s opinions on the Hollie Greig case or mine, for that matter.

At the very time that Her Majesty The Queen was bestowing the honour on Elish Angiolini, the latter was persistently refusing to comply with a question relating to her financial probity from the Queen`s own senior appointee, Mr Kevin Dunion, the Freedom of Information Commissioner for Scotland.

How was it possible for such an individual who could be facing serious criminal charges by ignoring a senior official representing the Queen, to be simultaneously made a DBE by Her Majesty?

As many of you will have seen, the official response to the question of who exactly nominated Angiolini for this award has met with the reply that it is not in the public interest for the identity(ies)to be divulged.

I think it is.

Of course, I could not possibly assume what the Queen might think, but it is hard, I propose, to imagine that Her Majesty would have acted as she did had the full facts about the recipient been made known to her. At least, in the case of Fred Goodwin, his subsequently bad conduct was not known at the time that he was nominated and honoured,as far as I am aware.

I intend to contact the Forfeiture Committee accordingly.


  1. Do an FOI request to try to find out, Robert. I did one on Frank Walker, but they still wouldn't tell me. I cannot see why that sort of information could be classed as an official secret!

  2. Sorry, I meant another one. Sometimes you have to do quite a bit of serious nagging to squeeze any information out of them.

  3. Dear Robert,

    1. You are continuing to ignore Matt Quinn's sage advice on the nature of summary justice and how it relates to your case, Bowen and Angiolini
    as a 'legal lay-advisor' I don't know how you can continue to do this.

    2. Scotland is a wee place, I would be ASTOUNDED if you told me Bowen and Angiolini DIDN'T know each other.

    3. The Queen hands out gongs for some of the most greediest, bloodthirsty acts perpetrated by the most heinous, conscience-free individuals the world has ever seen - it's part of her job. Try as I might I cannot see Elish losing out for failure to reply to a FOI.

    I don't mean to be critical, I have long admired the stance you have taken over this case and your dedication, but you have lost me over the past few courses of action.

    The case has always been, for me, a close examination of the Scottish Judicial system. I would really like to have seen it pursued seriously, unfortunately I think that opportunity has now been lost :(

  4. "The Queen hands out gongs for some of the most greediest, bloodthirsty acts perpetrated by the most heinous, conscience-free individuals the world has ever seen - it's part of her job"

    No it isn't! Her job description is outlined very clearly and concisely in the Coronation Oath she took on June 2nd 1953. She made a very solemn promise on that day, and there was absolutly not a single word about her duty including pandering to God detesting spivs.

  5. Right you are Zoompad, I shan't argue as I would like to stay on topic.

    Interesting what you say on the previous blog, are you talking about Ian Parker-Joseph?
    He is now the webmaster for

    You were at the Staffordshire event? That is where Anne first met Carl Sims.

  6. Really? Theres video footage of that event, I am the lady in the bright orange dress (pretty unmissable) who had a copy of the Magna Carta. Do you think you could point this Carl Sims out to mke when you have got time?

    Yes, I met Anne, and we had a brief chat, we had both bought the same Sandra Uttley book on Dunblaine.

    Ian Parker Joseph? I don't know if he is the same man, Ian Josephs lives in Monaco but he used to live in the UK. Can you come over to my blog Zoompads Blog and tell me more about Ian Parker Joseph, to see if it is the same man? If he is the webmaster of holliedemands justice then I strongly suggest that people have a good hard look at his website, on which he is deliberatly and knowingly sending unsuspecting victims to a man who has deliberatly and knowingly allowed paedophiles to work with children at a childrens home in Hampshire. I have the Social Services report about that.

  7. Her Majesty is usually quite unaware about the antecedents of whom she meets. Its the duty of her staff to weed out the crimminal elements from meeting her.

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