Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sheriff Principal Bowen and Elish Angiolini - Conflict of Interest?

Followers of my trial will know that Sheriff Principal Bowen decided to support Crown objections to deprive me of two key cited defence witnesses, Stephen McGowan and Elish Angiolini.

It has now been discovered that Bowen and Angiolini are co-directors of the Northern Lighthouse Board and have been present together at three meetings since I was arrested, 22 February 2010, 01 June 2010 and 28 February 2011.

Therefore, at the very least, they can be said to be acquainted.

Sheriff Principal Bowen has made no effort to disclose his personal connection with Angiolini. I believe that, at the very latest, he should have recused himself when Angiolini was formally cited by the defence. Justice must, of course, be seen to be done and there can be no doubt that Bowen`s impartiality is thus a matter for serious questioning, as his actions spared his personal acquaintance,the former Lord Advocate, from being cross-examined on oath, to my disadvantage.

Angiolini is perhaps the most central figure in the case against me, as it was largely her failings and worse, that led me to take the actions for which I was subsequently charged, on her personal authority.

It is also hoped to obtain the audio of the trial, which I recall will contain a rather mumbled and incoherent response by Bowen when I challenged him on the subject of Angiolini`s conduct on the last day of the hearing.

This revelation is but the latest in a transparently biased series against me by the Scottish justice system, if that is not a contradiction in terms.

I have reason to believe that I have suffered as a result of a mistrial due to an undeclared conflict of interest on the part of Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen.

Whilst there remains a good deal of focus on the injustices meted out to me, what is really at stake here is the establishment`s craven failure to protect Scottish children and the disabled from systematic rape and torture.


  1. Hello Robert,the more that comes to light the more we can see the the threads that tie all things together in this blatant stitch up and gross miscarriage of justice.The truth will out as they say

  2. They are fuming simply because Robert has exposed their playground for all to see. About time the Police moved in an arrested them all, for various wrong doing. If the Police do not arrest Elish Angiolini, then they are not Police, but complicit enforcers of the chosen few.

  3. It is worth noting that this time a year ago several credible online publications were supportive of both Robert Green and Tommy Sheridan. Today the persecution of Sheridan continues to be reported on yet the persecution of Green is ignored.
    I am sure that the majority of Sheridan's supporters in the media care little for the man or his politics. However he has maintained his dignity, stuck to the facts of the matter and not indulfged in lurid fantasies involving satanists and freemasons and conspiracies around every corner.
    The reason why the much more serious case of Robert Green/Hollie Greig receives no media coverage is because of the amount of hysterical and irrelevant nonsence spouted by it's spokesmen and women, of which this blog is the latest example.
    Elish Angiolini's track record as Lord Advocate is one of presiding over numerous miscarriages of justice. However it is obvious to any rational person that she is of no relevance to the Breach of the Peace charges which Robert Green has been convicted of and no Sheriff in the land would permit her to be called as a witness. The function of a court is to decide whether or not a person is guilty of a specific crime, not to give the accused a platform to air whatever grievances he or she may have.

  4. So, Toum Smith, leaving aside any topics like satanism and child abuse and such, what is your opinion of the fact that half a million pounds of taxpayers money has been squandered on taking a man to court for handing out leaflets in the street?

  5. Zoompad,

    It is not a "fact" that half a million pounds of taxpayers money has been spent - this figure is pure speculation.

    Also Robert Green was NOT arrested for handing out leaflets in the street.

    It is this type of disregard for the facts which has caused the case to lose all credibility.

    There is no doubt whatsoever that the treatment of Robert Green by the Scottish justice system is utterly disgraceful and an affront to any right thinking person's concept of natural justice (which is an entirely different thing to "the law" ). Unfortunately there appears to be an ingrained culture in public bodies of failing to admit when they have made a mistake and they will go to extraordinary lengths to cover their tracks, which causes a much bigger problem than if they had simply held up their hands at the outset.

    The only plausible explanation is that the persecution of Robert Green is a consequence of the failure of Grampian Police to properly investigate the allegations made by Hollie Greig.

  6. Well, I had over £100,000 squandered on me to make my nlife a living hell for years by the secret family courts, and they didn't use as many super inflated walleted spiv lawyers to persecute me as they have done with Robert, so I am sure the figure quoted is probably notthat far off.

    You say Robert isn't being charged for leafleting, well what do you think he is being charged for then? Walking about in the street?

  7. Anyway, why have you got a picture of Michael Heseltine as your avator?

  8. I concur with Toum Smith that the campaign has been lost to those who wish to view the world in black and white, I am afraid it is just not as simple as 'a satanic/masonic cabal rule Scotland and are baddies'.
    It pains me greatly that this once promising campaign has lost it's way, unfortunately due in no small part to the work of a Carl Sims (Namaste Magazine) who has alienated and insulted every person who tried to help Anne and Hollie, including Robert Green. This paranoid and highly secretive 'friend' of Anne's ... has unfortunately now disrupted the campaign to the point of breakdown.
    I'm afraid IT IS JUST NOT as simple as; 'the masons did it' and zoompad; http://the-can-of-worms.blogspot.com/ gives an excellent breakdown of Robert Green's interaction with the Scottish Judicial system, in too much detail to go into here, but where you can find out what Robert was actually in court for.

  9. I totally agree with Toum and Mark , the Scottish government were doing all the damage to themselves , at no time did it have to be over egged , but over egged it has been by some complete lunatics with their own agenda that seems to have nothing to do with Scotland's Shame, Hollie Grieg ,a tremendous egoistical own goal that helped Hollie and Robert not one jot

  10. Toum Smith, Mark McClure, and NMD. You are obviously agent provocateurs in the vein of Greg Lance-Watkins. Those of us who have been on this blog for more than the five minutes you have, have a better understanding of what this case is all about, and can recognise your pathetic attempts to try and undermine the real issues going on.
    I expect a barrage from all three of you....or is it just the one?

  11. The sad and salient facts of this case currently are as described above john and there is nothing I can do to change them. I am not about to name any names of the good people that have supported Anne and Hollie these many months but there is at least a dozen who Carl Sims has driven away from the case with his outlandish behaviour. An M.O. which includes not allowing Anne to have her own email address and not allowing Anne to see anyone without him being present - this includes Robert. I find this neither healthy for the campaign or indeed Anne, but as I say there is nothing I can do about it.
    What you choose to believe is no business of mine but I can add that you will find these facts to be correct without too much digging and also that it would be foolish to ignore them.

  12. I have absolutly no idea who Carl Sims is, so I hope someone will enlighten me. Why on earth would Anne not be allowed to have her own email address? She's a grown woman, not a child! This is news to me, if it is true. If it is true, then it sounds like some right jiggery pokery has been going on.

  13. I have found Nemaste now, and am having a good look at it.

  14. I do not know what this means, but I have mad massive computer problems for quite a long time, being logged out of my social networking time and time again, and funny things appearing in my documents. Not being a computer expert, its really difficult to know how to deal with it, apart from keep taking it in to be fixed in shops, which, quite frankly, I cant afford. Anyway, I just ran a deep scan on my computer - I have just tried something different to the Norton I had been using - it was not protecting my computer so I have got something else new. The scan has just fixed 2 viruses, and they both said namestepublishing_co_uk[1]htm, sorry the other was slightly different, it bwas namastepublishing_Js.trojanscript.Fo and they were malware JS trojan script FO.

    I dont know what this means, but the computer is working really fast now, with those two gone, what I would love to know is how the heck my computer keeps getting these viruses when other people who dont campaign against institutional child abuse never have any problems at all? And if there is someone who understands about this sort of thing could they please tell me if it is safe to go on that site, I dont actually remember going on that site before, although I may have, in my quest to try to stop institutional child abuse, and help Hollie, I just dont remember it, thats all, and I dont remember the name Carl Sims either.

  15. Carl Sims is an incredibly paranoid and elusive individual who believes certain high level people - including the royal family - are out to 'get him'. It is my belief and concern that it is his wish to use the Hollie Greig campaign to promote his own conspiracy fantasies and this is why he has treated everyone who has helped Hollie and Anne over the years abominably - including Robert.
    He keeps his own name and image off the net and exerts an excessively paranoid influence over Anne which, as I say, is not healthy.

    It is good your computer is running more smoothly Zoompad, I'm afraid I can't help you with your specific virus problem

  16. I don't need any help now, because the virus has been cleaned off, but I only posted the details of the source and nature of the virus because, judging from what my anti virus log file said, those trojan horses I got rid of this morning appear to be connected with Carl Sims website, which I thought was really odd as that was the topic that you had just mentioned. I don't know this Carl Simms, but if what you have said is true then it sounds to me like Anne Greig should keep clear of him, because bif he's stopping her having her own email address then he sounds like a right control freak to me!

  17. Toum Smith, Mark McClure, and NMD. You are obviously agent provocateurs in the vein of Greg Lance-Watkins. Those of us who have been on this blog for more than the five minutes you have, have a better understanding of what this case is all about, and can recognise your pathetic attempts to try and undermine the real issues going on.
    I expect a barrage from all three of you....or is it just the one?

    Oh dear John you Know nothing I have been involved in this case since MArch 2010 your calling names merely reflects the
    fact that this sad case has been hi jacked by jackasses.

    Hollie was abused Anne was sectioned Robert has been set up ,its not hard

  18. zoompad use superantispyware and lavasoft

  19. Here is hoping that Anne Greig will give Robert Green a wee bit of support and show up at Stonehaven for Roberts sentencing on 17th Feb

  20. "I don't know this Carl Simms, but if what you have said is true then it sounds to me like Anne Greig should keep clear of him, because bif he's stopping her having her own email address then he sounds like a right control freak to me!"

    So he should - for he is exactly that in my opinion.

    Ask yourself...

    What sort of person codes their website with embedded Trojan/Spyware?

    What sort of person (it's alleged) doesn't allow their partner to make phone calls without them listening in?

    What sort of person (it's alleged) doesn't allow their partner to have their own email address?

    Then please try and establish where Anne Greig is living and with who. And I'd ask that people DON'T publish that information publically for Anne and Hollie's safety... But DO please try and find this out...

    Once you have done these things for yourself you may better understand why I have concerns about the ladies' security and safety.

    - And again I stress; I'm NOT asking anyone to take my word for any of this; PLEASE do your own research.

    As for Mr Green - For his own sake he should consider that he still HAS the part of the process where Sheriff Bowen DOES actually get to exercise his personal judgement to come...

    One might speculate from his behaviour that he is actually TRYING to get himself jailed!

    Again; if anyone wishes to question anything I have written on either the law surrounding reporting restrictions, the reasons for those restrictions or indeed the nature of summary process I would urge them to research these things for themselves from credible dispassionate sources.

    As I said on my blog; Robert's own MOTHER sitting on the bench and doing the job of Sheriff would not have been in a position to do things any differently!

    I pray for a surprise and hope that Robert is admonished. But then I also buy a lottery ticket and hope for six numbers to come up!!

  21. This is ringing alarm bells for me. Are you trying to tell me that Anne has fallen into a sort of a honey trap with this person called Carl Simms?

    Is Anne also being prevented from attending Roberts trial?

    Reading what you have said, and between the lines, if what you are saying is true, it sounds to me as if Anne Greig is pretty much under house arrest.

    I met Anne and Hollie in Stafford, at the "Child Stealing By The State" conference on 12th April 2010. The reason I was at that conference is because I was abused as a child and then put in a Pindown home (Chadswell Assessment Centre) where I was abused some more and finally sent to St Georges Psychiatric Hospital for nearly a year, on a "Place of Safety" order, and treated in a really weird way for years (because of what had been placed in my medical records, a sort of damage limitation excecise to cover up the abusive way I had been treated in "care") and then as an adult had fallen into the hands of a bunch of really corrupt people who worked in the secret family courts. The conference, I now have concerns about the people who were running that conference, there were things which didnt really add up. Ian Josephs attendance for example. He has set himself up as a protector of families who are being persecuted by the secret family courts, but he is sending unsuspecting victims of court abuse to Ludwig Lowenstein, a man who KNOWINGLY AND DELIBERATLY employed 2 paedophiles at the childrens home in Hampshire that he was running. Ian Josephs lives in Monaco, and he was at Oxford with Michael Heseltine, and was his business partner. Hence my query about one of the bloggers using his photo as an avatar.

  22. Is Toum Smith really Ian Josephs ?

    There is a concerted effort underway by enemy agents to undermine the security ring protecting Anne/Hollie.

  23. Yes Carl- that's righ! (lol)And little green oogey boogey spacemen flying around in terracotta spaceships cunningly disguised as plant saucers... Not Grreenfly but aliens; we know Carl...

    Somehow I'm reminded of a character Robbie Coltraine used to do - One 'Mason Boyne' - Who was convinced Snoopy was part of a Papeish plot because, like the Pope, he sometimes wore a hat!

    As I've said REPEATEDLY over some period of time now. Anne and Hollie's identity should have been protected since day 1. And their whereabouts should not be known... Or easily discovered.

    But "undermine the security ring"? - Leave the spy drama to Messrs Flemming and Charteris! If I had a mind to I could have a camera crew at the place where Anne and Hollie are holed up in 30 minutes - Security Ring! LOL Yeah- cos Hollie REALLY needs protecting from Robert - NOT!!!

    I'm in a position to suggest people DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH to establish what is actually happeneing simply becaue they CAN - Easily! Some "security ring"!

    Barbara - I posed some questions so that you would be prompted to seek out the answers for yourself from sources that can't possibly be connected with me...

    You, and anyone else who has a question over the veracity of what is being said need to do this independently, honestly and dispassionately so there no question over what emerges...

    Unless someone else wishes to step up to the plate - and they ARE welcome - Hollie, thanks to these idiots, now has no-one with any credible media connections, proper training or experience working on her behalf.

    - We have all been driven away. Instead you now have someone who codes their webasite up with spyware and quotes a Chinese tyrant... Go figure! - As they do insist in saying in the states!

    As I say; PLEASE DO THE LEGWORK and discover for yourself how Journalists HAVE to operate; just as you HAVE to drive your car following certain rules for your own and other people's safety - and if you refuse you will be stopped from driving... Journalists - REAL ones that is - need to ensure they operate within proper limits.

    I'm afraid the harsh reality is Hollie's case has had the equivalent of a very drunk driver behind the wheel; the worst sort of drunk who imagines they can drive better with a few Voddies in them!!

    - This latest maniac is even worse...

    Just don't take mine or anyone else's word for it. Do Your Own Research!

  24. So John Taylor believes that myself, Mark McClure and NMD are agent provocateurs ?

    Nothing could more clearly demonstrate the paranoia and ego-tripping of the prime movers in this case which has led to the current situation where the simple facts which point to a shocking failure/abuse of the justice system are obscured by irrelevant gibberish.

  25. Toum Smith - are you Ian Josephs ?

  26. "not allowing Anne to have her own email address and not allowing Anne to see anyone without him being present - this includes Robert..."

    I have to say that's quite a strong allegation. What evidence do you have for that?

    As for the establishment media, they wouldn't need to mention names in an article on this case...just Mother X and Daughter X perhaps?

    As someone who has also 'followed' this case for 2 years now I can only hope that poor woman and her daughter one day find peace.

  27. "As for the establishment media, they wouldn't need to mention names in an article on this case...just Mother X and Daughter X perhaps?"

    That, as I've argued all along, is what SHOULD have happend from day one. Unfortunately there is a principal called "Jigsaw Identification" which comes into play. - It played a big part in the Baby P case -

    With everything that has been published now it's impossible for the mainstream media to report on the Hollie case without risking giving a lead-in to material that breaches various laws...

    Plus, developments in the past few days have shattered to smithereens ANY hope of having the case taken seriously.

    - I am certainly washing my hands of it! And as recently as last night had one of the 'antis' in the mainstream press on the phone gloating as to how effectively Hollies 'team' have demonstrated themselves to be a bunch of loonies - destroying all my and other people's lobbying and arguing to the contrary...

    No legitimate journalist is going to risk their career or the safety of their family on this one now...

    The best we can hope is to keep those who raped Hollie, and those who acted to protect them, on the radar with a view to putting them away for some other crime...

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