Monday, December 6, 2010

The Shameful Role of Shropshire Council

Although the atrocities against Hollie and Anne  took place in Aberdeen, the attacks they have been subjected to in England by Shropshire Council (and others) indicate the power of a cruel and ruthless network, prepared to use any means to cover up paedophile crime.

Shropshire`s actions to cause alarm and distress to the ladies include taking the form of preventing them from attending meetings about Hollie`s case. The reason given is that the council feel that Hollie`s attendance may lead to her being upset, whereas the total opposite is true. Hollie is overjoyed to be in the company of those who demonstrate that they believe in her and offer support and love in a most wonderful way, as any who have met Hollie in such circumstances must surely testify to.

Shropshire based its ill-judged opinion largely on the view of a known felon and malcontent who does not even know Hollie. Additionally, two false and misleading reports were prepared by social worker Helen Ogilvy and psychologist Dr Carolyn McQueen. The latter has also never met or spoken to Hollie or Anne and Ogilvy`s personal involvement was of a cursory and very temporary nature a long time ago, relating to administrative matters. Moreover, Hollie is not and has never been under the care of Shropshire Council, although it clearly attempted to mislead West Mercia Police into believing that this was the case. We hold a document indicating that this is so.

It may not be coincidental that both Ogilvy and McQueen are Scottish, the latter a product of St Andrews University.

Perhaps cruellest of all was the raid and ransacking of Hollie and Anne`s home on 3rd June. The ludicrous excuse for this was that the council had deemed, with no justification whatsoever, that Holie had suddenly become a "missing person" and it claimed that there was "concern for her safety." The raiding team, consisting of three uniformed police officers and two council employees, spent over three hours  searching their little home. The property was effectively vandalised, as I can personally testify to as I was with Hollie and Anne when they first re-entered their home. Anne`s computer and other articles were seized and one item appeared shortly afterwards on the aforementioned felon`s site.

If there had been any rational semblance of truth in the council`s alleged concern, then surely the most obvious person to approach would have been me, as I am the ladies` lay legal representative and the person most closely identified with them publicly. In fact, I received a call from DC Bates, of West Mercia Police, around 13.30 hrs on 3rd June. Although I told the officer that I did not know precisely where they were, as I understood that they were taking a short holiday, I had absolutely no reason to have any concern for their safety whatsoever. I was, of course, extremely surprised by the call at the time. DC Bates said his call was at the request of Social Services.

I learned the following day that the raid took place just one and a helf hours after I had given the officer this assurance!

When subsequently challenged, Shropshire Council claimed that they had no idea that the raid had taken place, despite an assurance by Inspector Jim Stafford that two of its employees, one from the housing department and one a carpenter, were present during the proceedings, which would appear to have been supported by local witness statements.

So far, those primarily responsible for the persecution of Hollie and Anne, have been identified as Chief Executive Kim Ryley, Legal Officer Tim Collard, Social Services officer Stephen Chandler and Councillor Aggie Caesar-Homden. The last named resigned from the local parish council rather than face me at a public meeting on 1st November. Collard has so far refused to name those who attended a Level 2 meeting that led to the ransacking of the home. Every effort has also been made to conceal the costs of these actions from the people of Shropshire, who are paying for these inhumane attacks on vulnerable local residents.

The sheer cruelty and dishonesty of Shropshire officials is scarcely credible in persecuting these dear and gallant women who have already endured so much. I am determined to bring those responsible to account and my attendance at the public council meeting in Shrewsbury at the Shirehall at ten this Thursday, 9th December, is intended to accelerate this process.

There are other disturbing issues relating to the events in England which will be disclosed at a future date.

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  1. The Stasi and the SS maybe out of their relevant countries but they're alive and well and living among us here in Britain, or you would think so.The more people that are in power and are climbing on the band-wagon against Hollie and Anne makes you wonder if maybe they should be added to the list that we are collating about paedophiles. Innocent until proven guilty but there all the same.