Thursday, December 9, 2010

Council Meeting In Shrewsbury

  This morning I attended a meeting of Shropshire County Council in Shrewsbury. I was under the impression that this was a public meeting and I intended to ask the Chief Executive, Kim Ryley, some pertinent questions regarding the Council's treatment of Hollie, most notably in relation to the police raid on her home 6 months ago.
 I was pleased to be joined by 8 other Hollie supporters in the hall and we were not particularly surprised when it was announced at the start of the meeting that Councillor Aggie Ceasar-Homden was unable to attend. Ms Ceaser-Homden is the Councillor most closely associated with the intimidation of Hollie.
 When there was a suitable break in proceedings I got to my feet and took the opportunity to describe to the meeting the appalling treatment which Hollie has endured from the Council but I was told by officials that I would not be allowed to speak. After barely 30 seconds I was escorted from the premises by security guards. As I was leaving, a lady got to her feet to express her disgust as she had travelled all the way from London in the hope of finding out the truth about this case.
 Immediately following my expulsion I was followed out of the meeting by a BBC reporter who had been in attendance and I talked to her at length about Hollie's case. Later we were joined by Councillor Roger Evans who expressed his concern that he knew absolutely nothing about the case. I was able to supply him with several dozen leaflets to distribute to his fellow Councillors.
  On Tuesday night I appeared on the Paul Drockton Radio Show and took the opportunity to read from the report prepared by the child psychologist Eva Harding, which is powerful and distrurbing evidence of the abuse suffered by Hollie. Paul is based in the USA and has been a great supporter of Hollie's cause. This week we have also benefited from the case being publicised in America via the websites of Henry Makow and Debbie Morgan.
 I am very grateful to these people for their efforts in getting the message out although I would also ask that each of you do what ever you can as individuals to tell Hollie's story. With virtually no coverage in the mainstream media, I need to rely on Hollie's supporters to spread the word by teliing their family, their friends, their work-mates and their neighbours.


  1. Slowly but surely the message is spreading. There are good people out there and they won`t allow the cover up to continue much longer. Keep doing what your doing Robert.....

  2. I am more than happy to publicise Hollie's case in my blog and, indeed, did so for the first time only last week.

  3. Robert, I wanted to be there in Shrewsbury, but unfortunatly could not make it. I will get another blog posting for Hollie in the coming week, and also another youtube video.

  4. Shocking yet another case of
    "if there is nothing in it what are they so frightened of"

  5. Robert, tonight my blog carries the photo of Hollie, you and Belinda McKenzie. As the director of Network of those Abused by Church (NAC) at, my husband Declan has sent an email to Belinda this afternoon (which I also published) expressing his support for your work. We believe Hollie's case could have a significant impact for victims of clerical sexual abuse.