Friday, December 31, 2010

Dame Anne Begg

I am shocked to learn that Aberdeen South MP Anne Begg has been made a dame in the New Years Honours List for "services to disabled people".

She repeatedly refused to answer questions related to the allegations of sexual abuse made by her disabled former constituent Hollie Greig during the 2010 General Election campaign despite it being an important local issue on which I was standing as a candidate.

My client, Anne Greig, had earlier approached Ms Begg, directly asking her for help in seeking justice for her daughter Hollie, who had been so cruelly abused and betrayed by those whose duty it was to protect her. Ms Begg`s answer was succinct and telling - it was "What do you expect me to do about it?"

Perhaps Ms Begg`s attitude to this appeal had been somewhat coloured by the fact that one of her key activist supporters, Wyn Dragon, had been identified by Hollie as one of her abusers. At some point around the summer of 2010, Ms Dragon became a "Facebook friend" of Hollie's abuser father, Denis Mackie.


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