Friday, December 3, 2010

Robert Green's New Blog

 I have decided to start a blog so that the many, many people who are supporting Hollie Greig in her quest for justice can be kept up-to-date with ongoing developments.

  Hollie and her mother Anne are still living in Shropshire and both were deeply touched by the number of cards sent by supporters on Hollie's recent birthday. Both are in good spirits , they are looking forward to Christmas and in order to clear up any possible misunderstandings they are not subject to any form of supervision from Shropshire Council or any other body. Nevertheless the council has sought to prevent Hollie and Anne attending meetings where their case is discussed. Hollie is now 31 years old, competent and exercises her right to vote, amongst other things and I regard these restrictions as a cruel and flagrant breach of her human rights.

  In respect of the criminal charge which has been brought against myself, I have not yet been advised of a trial date in spite of the fact that nearly ten months have elapsed since I was arrested for Breach of the Peace in Aberdeen as I was preparing to distribute leaflets about Hollie's case. Standard procedure is that a trial date is set immediately after a person is charged but no-one has been able to provide an explanation for this delay. I am still bound by bail conditions which require me to report to my local police station twice per week and prohibit me from entering the city of Aberdeen or the county of Aberdeenshire.

 I have a great deal more information on Hollie's case and the ongoing cover-up which I will share in future blogs. I would welcome your comments and will do my best to address any points which you may raise


  1. Very good having a Weblog, but could be a very good idea to have a proper Website. Just an idea...

  2. robert you are a true hero of our time. my respect for you know's no bounds. i met you robert at the cross of change UK rally against child abuse at trafalgar square and we chatted for a couple of minutes. a little later that day we passed each other our eyes met and you said hello. we had met very briefly an hour or so before and yet you remmebered my name. its nothing in and off its self but it showed to me what a gentleman you are. bless you and bless hollie xxxx

  3. Great idea, this! Please use it and up-date often. Nowhere better than hearing it first-hand from your horse's mouth, so to speak! Give me a bit of time and I'll try to sort out my photo, can't seem to up-load it here. Ian McFerran

  4. Robert, I saw you speak in Edinburgh I know how hard you have fought for Hollie and Anne, you spoke with eloquence and humility.
    Keep up the good fight Robert we are all behind you, you are a credit to humanity!

  5. I have often pondered with the idea that you opt for a private prosecution of those accused? What are your feelings towards this Robert, and have you ever considered implementing them?

  6. Robert, your doing an upstanding job and there should be more like you.
    My best wishes go to you and yours and also to Hollie and Anne who have been through sheer hell. You have all my support on this crazy situation. A.G.

  7. Robert,

    I am pleased you have taken this step and shall follow your comments and posts with interest.

    I have been looking at the history of child abuse in the UK and, in particular, cases of children being abused in care homes which seems to have occurred on a widespread basis for many years. My opinion, for which there is evidence, is that this is organised and involves a certain fraternity, plus a number of influential people, in addition to a range of people with paedophile proclivities.

    Looking at Kincora, North Wales, Staffordshire, Hampshire, Jersey and many more, there seems to be a pattern that has emerged.

    I know that Stuart Syvret in Jersey has been treated horrendously for trying to get justice for the victims. You have received similar treatment for your efforts.

    These people have got away with it for decades, may be more. What steps can we take to stop further abuse and get justice for those who have suffered?


  8. Hello Robert,

    This blog page is a great idea.

    Hollies case is the most evidenced and widespread case of institutionalised paedophilia in the world and your treatment is further evidence of high office involvement in the debunking efforts of the criminals.

    If or when you are brought to trial for your attempts to reveal the truth in Aberdeen, you shall be well supported by the freeman on the land movement. I can only speak for myself as a freeman naturally, though rest assured I will be there to support you as will my brothers and sisters. Your bravery and determination for justice under such dyer circumstances, just proves what an incredibly sincere and loving man you are. And your modesty is also very endearing.

    Thank you for all you have done and all that you are going to do. Huge respect and love to you my friend, and of course for Hollie and Anne.

    David Messenger.

  9. Welcome aboard Robert. Can you say whether or not Hollie and Anne have a restraining order imposed on them by the courts that bans them from using the internet?

  10. May I suggest that everyone sends a link for this blog to their MP, and anyone else who should be supporting the cause rather than ignoring it.

  11. Great work Robert, wishing you and Hollie n Anne a Merry Christmas...

    Love n Peace

  12. Hollie and Mam ..keep going ,I know its hard but keep going ..Love to all ..Robert green uk.. colomne..David icke ,Alex Jones, Ron Paul(I hope)and Pie.

  13. I am a tenant in Belinda McKenzie's house who has taken a great interest in this case, and indeed have publicised it in my own blog. I will be following this blog closely, and am very grateful for it. I hope it will be a great success. My very best wishes to you, Anne and Hollie.

  14. I have sent all the links to my MP and he does not seem to care at all desite having been made fully aware of what is going on. I have also reported to him a case, where a child is at risk in Cumbria,. He has given me no explanation of the outcome of the investigation by Cumbria County Councils legal team. Another Cover Up here In Cumbria, with SW's involved in a bad cases of child abuse, in corporate care and baby snatching, while at the same time failures as corporate parents.They are now character assassinating me, for whistle blowing and setting up my family, police brutality.

  15. Following on from jade's comment, I wonder how many of us who have spoken out find that we then suffer character assassination and hassle?

    In particular, anoyone who criticises one sect of people, finds they become the subject of a vendetta.