Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To all Hollie's Facebook Supporters

I am very pleased to support the new Scotland`s Shame? Google Hollie Greig facebook group and would be delighted to see as many of those who care about Hollie and Anne to join or to check on the latest events and views. The Hollie campaign is first and foremost a team effort and it is my wish and that of Hollie and Anne that all the loyal, caring and courageous people who have contributed so much, without being in the limelight, will someday soon receive the widespread acclaim they so richly deserve. When justice is achieved, Scotland will be a better place thanks to these wonderful people.
Please click on and join the groups listed below and be part of a growing movement for justice this Christmas, thank you.

Scotland's Shame? Google Hollie Greig 
Hollie DemandsJustice
Hollie Demands Justice on YouTube

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