Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MacAskill Dodges A Direct Question And Pays Tribute to Angiolini

 I attended a public hustings meeting in the Edinburgh Eastern constituency last night where Kenny MacAskill is standing as candidate for the SNP. The organisers of the event tried to prevent me from entering, citing my bail conditions and their fears that I intended to disrupt the meeting. When I assured them that I had no intention of either breaching my bail conditions or causing a disruption they had no option but to allow me to enter.

 I took the opportunity to ask  MacAskill a question about the role of the Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, in the Hollie Greig case. He refused to answer the question on the ludicrous grounds that my court case is sub judice. The question I asked had no relevance whatsoever to the criminal charges against myself. Instead he took the opportunity to pay a gushing tribute to Angiolini.

  "I have the utmost faith in, and it has been a privilege to serve  with, Elish Angiolini who has been an outstanding Lord Advocate."

   I have already documented the shameful role of Elish Angiolini and the Crown Office in respect of the Hollie Greig case but is worth remembering that she has also faced severe criticism from other quarters:

   Prominent QC Robert Black describes Aniolini's tenure as "a disastrous experiment which should never be repeated".'s_tenure_%22a_disastrous_experiment

  Another QC, Ian Hamilton, in relation to the Tommy Sheridan perjury trial says "For the Lord Advocate to bring this case was a prostitution of Scots Law".

  Lord Justice General, Lord Hamilton, wrote to Angiolini in 2007 following a statement she made in Parliament which undermined the independence of the judiciary.

  Angiolini accused of trying to protect her predecessor in public inquiry into Shirley McKie fingerprint scandal.

  MacAskill and Angiolini may think that if they stick together and bury their heads in the sand then the Hollie Greig case will simply disappear. However the cracks are already beginning to appear and I am encouraged by recent communications I have had with the candidates opposing MacAskill from the Labour, Conservative, LibDem and UKIP parties.

 A few days earlier a group of Hollie supporters picketed a BBC hustings in Aberdeen and had very productive discussions with both members of the public and representatives of the BBC. I was unable to attend as my draconian bail conditions prevent me from entering Aberdeenshire. The Crown Office, headed by Elish Angiolini, have stated in Court that they believe there is "a risk of serious public disturbance" if I set foot in Aberdeenshire.


  1. What do they mean "a risk of serious public disturbance"? More like they would be embarrassed to see Robert being carried on the shoulders of the Scottish people for championing their children and disabled/vulnerable adults. SHAME ON THEM ALL!!! More power to you, Robert!

  2. The Hollie Greig case is not going to melt away. There are too many people who know about this, and Hollie has become to paedophilia what Cathy was to homelessness. As fotr the media not reporting this, well, there is egg on all their faces, as Hollie s disgraceful treatment is becoming known all over the world, despite the stupid media gagging. All the gagging is achieving is that less people buy newspapers now, because they are realising that theres too much news missing, and people are not even bothering to watch the TV or national radio for news.The people are realising that if they want to hear the news they have to go to the little independant broadcasters. So well done gaggers, you lot are actually helping us anti child abuse campaigners, with your stupid bullying tactics!

  3. Forgot to say, riding my bike with my GOOGLE HOLLIE GREIG helmet, its great to be stopped in the street and talked to by people who recognise Hollie's name, and be able to discuss these things!

  4. Ooh I didn't see you as public enemy number one Robert! Aberdeen must be a peculiar place to hold you in such esteem. Does that mean you rate above Dennis the Menace?

    There is quite a lot of new material on Rebecca Television recently. This includes a detailed expose of the fundamentally flawed Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse cases.

    The authorities did their best to cover up the crimes etc there too.

    I do wish Paddy French would get in touch, one way or another.

    It was interesting to see that Paddy received a Notice from North Wales Police under the Protection from Harassment Act. This was for "doorstepping" Raymond Ketland, a convicted paedophile and former detective in North Wales Police.

    As a rule, there have to be three "incidents" at least before any action can be taken under the Protection from Harassment Act. For former officers of North Wales Police, it seems the law can be bent. Bent being a very appropriate word here.


  5. I believe that there is a much greater game being played, to which all the current Establishment and MSM management are aware. They must avoid any layer of the 'onion' being damaged, even if it means protecting perverts, or giving someone the 'David Kelly' treatment.

    There are troubling times ahead, so keep a cool head.

  6. John writes: 'There are troubling times ahead, so keep a cool head'. Yes, but I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this injustice anymore!

  7. Hilary,
    You must remain calm, to do otherwise plays into their hands.

    There is a higher authority to which these people will eventually have to answer.

    'Softly, softly, catchy monkey'.

  8. Getting bigger in their face by the day! Superb!