Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Public Opinion

  Opinion polls for the Scottish Election, in which I attended to stand but have been effectively barred from, show that the SNP is on course to retain power.


 Whilst I have no interest in party politics, I cannot help but wonder whether the Scottish people would have the same level of support for their current government had the Hollie Greig case been publicised in the mainstream media.

 Of course, the SNP were not in power in 2000 when Hollie made her initial allegations but they have been the party of government since 2007 and therefore have overseen the failure to follow-up on the allegations which Hollie repeated in 2009, the on-going saga of my own court case and the attempts by the Lord Advocate to silence the media.

 I know that Kenny MacAskill and others are fully aware of the case but as they maintain a vow of silence I can only speculate as to why the government turns a blind eye to this appalling case of injustice which incorporates, not only sickening crimes against some of the most vulnerable members of society, but also persecution of those, such as Anne and myself, who refuse to accept the unacceptable.

 Did they think that the Hollie Greig case would be so damaging to Scotland's international reputation that it would be better to ensure that the general public never heard about it ? If so, I would suggest that was a grave error of judgement.

 Although various individual politicians have made encouraging noises, no major political party has yet called for a full and fearless enquiry into the very serious issues raised by the Hollie Greig case. Which one of them will have the integrity and courage to do so ? 


  1. Robert I salute you for your unshakeable determination to get justice for the children who have suffered at the hands of these establishment monsters.

    I think its true to say the majority of people in the UK view predatory peadophiles as vile and sickening, I know I do. Predatory peadophiles in positions of power and trust is doubly sickening and vile and totally unacceptable.

    These monsters, who are capable of inflicting the most horrendous suffering and abuse upon innocent children have no empathy towards their victims, they have no boundaries. I see their crimes as so hideous that if the mainstream media did report on them the vast majority of people, most I believe to be decent people, would be outraged and want their heads on a plate.

    Of course they are protected, but for how long we shall see.

    There is also the 'fear factor' of these monsters being in positions of influence to make life difficult for anyone who speaks out, indeed even going as far into the abyss as to commit murder.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kubdRYOKQqw