Monday, April 11, 2011

What Do You Think Mate ?

On his radio show last night Tony Legend (TL) broadcast a phone conversation he recorded with BBC reporter Mark Daly (MD) which went as follows:

MD: Hallo Mark Daly.

TL: Hi there Mark. My name is Tony, I am from Manchester Radio Online. 

MD: Hallo

TL: I am doing a bit of a show this week about the Hollie Greig case ....

MD: (laughs) which er, which ....

TL: I am from Manchester Radio Online. Is this a case that you don't want to talk about or can't talk about ? Which ? I just wanted to hear it from the horses mouth, yourself. Is your hands tied ?

MD: What do you think mate ?

 People are free to form their own opinions about the Hollie Greig case based upon the known facts. Here are some facts which are not in dispute.

Fact 1: Grampian Police failed to interview alleged paedophiles because their names did not appear on police records. They also failed to interview alleged victims and expert medical witnesses.

Fact 2: Within a few weeks of Hollie making allegations of a paedophile ring her mother Anne was forcibly sectioned. Shortly afterwards Anne obtained an independent psychiatric report which declared her perfectly sane.

 Fact 3: Hollie was awarded £13,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority largely on the basis of a report from eminent psychologist Dr Eva Harding which categorically identified two abusers and concluded that Hollie was "probably abused by others who had access to her".

Fact 4: Scotland's most senior legal officer, Elish Angiolini, has written to numerous media organisations warning them not to write about this case.

Fact 5: I was arrested by plain clothes officers on a charge of Breach of the Peace as I attempted to publicise Hollie's story. My case has yet to be heard in court but my treatment thusfar by the Scottish criminal justice system is completely without precedent.

 Based on these facts, I would have thought that an award winning investigative reporter would have given his eye teeth to produce a documentary on such a complex and disturbing case.

 What do you think mate ? 


  1. Shocking Mr Dalys Glaswegian foul mouth reaction speaks volumes.

  2. Throwing questions back without answering the question he first was aksed, and laughing to the questions too. Just shows how little he cares about children being abused, or let say anyone in that mather. Someone should ask him questions of what does he think about child abuse in general and then take him down. Poor journalism, I know asking straight forward questions can be good, but in this case he could brought him in seriously and confronted him with Hollies case.

    Keep working on, I believe Hollie will win in the end <3