Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trial Still Planned To Commence On June 6th

  At Stonehaven Court this morning, Sheriff Val Johnston did not accept Gerry Sweeney's written request that the trial should be delayed until my Legal Aid situation is resolved.

 The Crown, represented by Area Procurator Fiscal Anne Currie, argued that the trial should not be delayed as they have 50 witnesses lined up to appear during the week beginning June 6th. She claimed that half of these witnesses were "vulnerable" as they had suffered "trauma" as a result of my actions.

 She appeared to claim that evidence disclosed for the previous charges which were dropped should be used for the existing charges. I do not understand the logic of this argument. She also claimed that the Crown had made full disclosure of all evidence, which I do not believe to be the case.

 A further intermediate diet will be held on May 11th.

 I spoke to a reporter from the "Press And Journal" at some length after I left the court. He revealed to me that he has been contacted on several occasions by Greg Lance-Watkins, a person who is hostile to Hollie and myself.


  1. We need to rally Hollie supporters to protest this barbaric and unlawful action. I think the judge has to be arrested on the 6th of June if he/she is not on their Oath of office, which of course they cannot be in their jurisdiction furthermore presenting evidence from a previous trial that has been already given a verdict is surely double jeopardy ? which is unconstitutional and unlawful. It is legislation that was born of the EU and therefore to my understanding is an act of treason. I'd like to see a similar course of action taken at Birkenhead at your hearing too.

    It is clearly unconstitutional not to allow you legal aid or to leave it an unresolved Issue before the hearing, its outrageous. But the most outrageous claim of all for me, is that 50 witnesses were traumatized by the truth !! Of course they are ! they face hefty sentences when ALL of the evidence has been presented and presided upon by a properly convened court de jure.

    All the best Robert.

  2. I'm a member of the Aberdeen Wake Up Project and we're going to hand out leaflets about Hollie this weekend. Their game is up although it might not seem like it now. Keep your head up and keep going Robert, whatever you do...although I know you will.
    I'm a trainee radio broadcaster and guess where? I'm also ex-Regular Army so I don't scare easy. I will help to expose the sham that is labelled Justice.
    God Bless you Robert.

  3. Sounds like they are making things up as they go along. Did you spot any large marsupials in the court room?

    25 'traumatised' witnesses? You would have thought that the mainstream media would have picked up on that.

  4. Good luck with your campaign and court cases Robert. I'm not sure if I am re-assured, or more horrified, to learn that Jersey isn't the only Lawless jurisdiction in the western "democratic" world!

  5. Hi Robert, VFC (last comment) has beaten me to exactly what I was going to say! Well done Neil :)

    Plenty of time to plan ahead now Robert, and we will see you 2 days before the case, Battle of Trafalgar....

  6. By the time of my next court appearance there will be a new Sheriff at Stonehaven - Peter Hammond. It is important to underrstand how the Scottish legal system operates. A Sheriff cannot dismiss a case until it comes to trial. The organisation which is responsible for prosecutions is the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS), headed by Elish Angiolini. Some of the actions and statements made thusfar by COPFS officials can only be described as surreal.