Friday, April 8, 2011

Twenty Questions

It is a sad fact that it is extremely difficult to prosecute sexual offences so the fact that no-one has been convicted in relation to the allegations made by Hollie Greig is not, in itself, particularly unusual.

 What is extremely unusual, if not absolutely unique, is the extra-ordinary behaviour of numerous persons in positions of authority who have attempted, not merely to deny Hollie any possibility of justice, but to actively persecute her and her supporters.

 Below is a list of twenty questions relating to Hollie's case which remain unanswered.

1. How can Grampian Police justify failing to interview persons named by Hollie as abusers simply because their names were not on police records ? The fact that I do not have a criminal record did not stop them from arresting me.

2. Why did Grampian Police not interview expert medical witnesses such as Dr Eva Harding, the psychologist whose report clearly stated that Hollie had been a victim of abuse, or Dr Paul Carter, who diagnosed Hollie as suffering from an STD at the age of 10?

3. Why did police officer Leanne Davidson instigate the sectioning of Anne shortly after Hollie made the allegations about a wider paedophile ring ?

4. Why did social worker Catherine Mason falsely claim that Anne's sectioning order had been signed by John Logan JP ?

5. How was BBC reporter Mark Daly able to obtain the post mortem report on Roy Greig, Hollies uncle, several months after the BBC abandoned their documentary ?

6. Why have none of the persons accused of being members of a paedophile rape gang launched a civil action for defamation ?

7. Why did Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, instruct lawyers Levy & MacRae to write to the Scottish media warning them not to cover the Hollie Greig case ? 

8. How can the Crown Office justify refusing to answer a Freedom of Information request regarding whether or not Angiolini paid her own legal bills "on the basis that it would be likely to prejudice substantially the prevention and detection of crime" ?

9. Who gave the instruction to arrest me for Breach of the Peace in Aberdeen in February 2010 ?

10. Why were my first four court appearances "in camera" ie behind closed doors ?

11. Why is the Crown demanding I am subject to such punitive bail conditions which are unheard of for a charge of Breach of the Peace ?

12. If the Crown believes my offences are so serious why are they prosecuting the case on a summary basis (without a jury) rather than on a solemn basis (with a jury) which carries more severe penalties ?

13. Why did Grampian Police falsely claim that the warrant to search my property was signed by a PC Vreades ?  Fourteen months after the event I have yet to see this warrant.

14. Was John Smithies sacked from his position as Press Officer for the Downs Syndrome Association as a result of his support for Hollie ?

15. Why did West Mercia Police carry out a raid on Anne and Hollie's house in June 2010 on the grounds that they believed Hollie to be in danger ? An hour and a half before the raid I had told them I had no concern's for her welfare.

16. Why did Shropshire Council lie about the fact that they had prior knowledge of this raid ?

17. How did photographs of the Greig family appear on the blog of a person hostile to them shortly after the raid ?

18. How can the Court of Session justify asking me to pay the costs of a private detective hired by a person who has taken an Interdict out against me ?

19. Why did the Crown drop the original charges against myself and replace them with new ones in January 2011 ? I suspect this was purely to force me to re-apply for Legal Aid.

20. How can the Scottish Legal Aid Board justify refusing me Legal Aid in 2011 when my financial position is considerably worse than it was when I was awarded Legal Aid in 2010 ? 


  1. Same guff as they spin in Jersey Robert, anything to string it out and make it go away mate.

    A long battle lies ahead....

  2. I think they'll keep delaying in in the hope that it'll go away,some how,and if not they'll try and fix it so. Good job Robert!

  3. There is now a large group of people involved, who will now ENSURE that this cover-up will eventually be exposed to the full glare of the world media.

    It has been reported that Angiolini has not required the use of laxatives since 2000.

  4. Oh what a web we weave when first we pratice to deceive.

    The tactic is to harass the people concerned and those who try to assist them. Then involve them in legal matters and court action. It is all designed to make life difficult and put people off pursuing justice.

    It is as sick as it gets. Perhaps no more than we can expect from a spectularly sick group of perverts and paedophiles, plus those who seek to protect them.

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