Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Visit To Scotland

  Last weekend I took a short break in Scotland where I had hoped to visit Braemar and Royal Deeside. Unfortunately I was unable to reach my planned destination as Braemar is situated a few miles inside the county of Aberdeenshire. My, highly unusual, bail conditions for my forthcoming Breach of the Peace case prevent me from entering either the County of Aberdeenshire or the City of Aberdeen. The Crown has claimed that there is "a risk of serious public disturbance" if I enter these areas. As I did not wish to provoke riots or petrol-bomb attacks in the streets of Braemar I turned back, when I saw the "Welcome to Aberdeenshire" sign.

 On the Sunday, myself and a number of other Hollie supporters went to Perth where the BBC were holding a Scottish party leader's debate. We were able to hand leaflets to First Minister Alex Salmond as well as Annabel Goldie of the Conservatives, Tavish Scott of the Liberal Democrats and a number of senior BBC journalists. The giant "Scotland's Shame ? - Google Hollie Greig" banner made a huge impact and the majority of the audience were very keen to learn about the case as they queued to enter the building.

 I would like to thank the small number of police who were in attendance for the common sense and courtesy they demonstrated. 



  1. I am sorry you are having to do this, but very glad that you are.

    I have been crying in the garden today. Its a beautiful day, I ought to be happy, but I feel so sad inside of me. I know how Hollie felt when she was abused, as I was also abused. I feel like my heart has been torn out. It is an almost indescribably horrible pain, which I have always pushed away with various distractions, such as over eating, and skinning my feet.

    The worst part of it all is not even the origional abuse any more, although that was horrible, especially the illegal police surgeon examination I was subjected to. That to a 13 year old girl who had never had an internal, was frightening, as I didnt know what they were doing, and thought the police surgeon was putting sharp knives inside me. He wasn't, of course, but I didnt know that, and the terror of those moments have stayed with me all my life. I dont know how to erase that horrible memory, and I suppose it will be with me till the day I die.

    But the most horrible frightening thing about the whole abuse is the way I have been treated after, the reabuse. The authorities have tried again and again, at great expense, to cover it all up. They have done things to me which you will understand, illegal crafty ridiculous things, sneaky skulking things, to cover up and cover up, and all they have done is make an open wound into a pus filled tumour, and I feel so tired and sad. I've had paedophiles target me on social networking froups, and I have had to close down my facebook account, because I can't bear it any more. The police know how I have been treated, they know it all, but they are so happy that they have managed to discredit Operation Ore, just as they have discredited Operation Rose and other historic child abuse investigations.

    I dont feel as I can do anything more, I feel like an empty shell. I just keep praying. I cant even do that properly, all that comes out now is tears, but they will have to do as a prayer now, words wont come any more.

  2. You people who are persecuting Robert Green and Hollie and Anne Greig - I hope you lot realise that one day you are gouing to have to give an baccount of yourselves for what you have done. Alec Salmond - I listened to you on Desert Island Disks, and I listened in disbelief and anger as you talked about your Christian faith. What a wicked wicked man you are, to go onto that program and pretend to love God when you will not even lift the tip of your little finger to help this girl who has been used so cruelly by evil men. How on earth can you live with yourself, and not feel utter shame every time you see your own face reflected in the mirror?

    I don't know exactly how Hollie Greig feels inside, but I do know how I feel, and poor Hollie was subjected to more vile abuse that I was, and I know how much I hurt inside, and how the tears are so quick to flow some days. You never get over the abuse, because you are never allowed to get over it. Until those who abused you are brought to justice, you never can heal, if those who abused you have any power or authority, because you can guarentee that they will use that power and authority to reabuse you and reabuse you, until they have totally destroyed you, and so ayt last silenced you.

    My life has been like one long wailing scream, because of the abuse. I can put on my smily face and pretend that everything is all perfectly ok, but that gaping puss filled wound will never ever heal until it is tended properly and cleansed and dressed, and the only thing that can be used to dress such a wound is an antiseptic dressing of proper justice. To be heard and to be able to face in a public arena those who abused and reabused and reabused me.

    I am sure that Hollie feels exactly the same. Just because this lady has Downs Syndrome do not assume she is a brain dead moron! I am on the autistic spectrum, and that is why people call me a "nutter", and I am a very able and articulate person. Just because someone has a disability it does not mean they are a non person. That is what those wicked evil people assumed when Hollie was raped. They have tried every trick up their sleeves to try to wriggle out of being brought to justice, the most wicked has to be the injecting of Hollie, and sectioning Hollies mother.

    How can you politicians live with what you have done? You can't. You had better start putting right the great wrong you have done to this lady, her mother and her friend. This is what you are going to be remembered for, Alec Salmond. This is your problem, and you had better start dealing with it in the way Jesus Christ would have you to, because this is your Waterloo. You have a chance to redeem yourself in the eyes of the people, to do what you know is right, and truly show some Christian duty and faith, and if you have any good sense you will jump at the chance, for if you don't, the disgrace of this terrible injustice will for ever be linked with your name and memory.

  3. Don't worry Zoompad, everything will turn out as God intends. Life is a series of ups and downs, some more extreme than others. Eventually a balance must prevail, it's called Peace and Tranquility. Maybe not in this life, but certainly later.

    Read 'Heaven is for Real', it will afford you great comfort.