Monday, June 13, 2011

Frank Mulholland's Bizarre Ramblings

  Scotland's new Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland, has taken time out from sticking his head in the sand over the Hollie Greig case to issue a ridiculous statement in respect of the Lockerbie bombing.

 Why is he pushing the view that Colonel Gadaffi could be brought to trial in Scotland when the view of all independent commentators, including Dr Jim Swire whose daughter died on PanAm 103, is that the case that the bombing was ordered by Libya is extremely weak ?

 This is the same Frank Mulholland who, as Solicitor General, stonewalled numerous enquiries from the public relating to Hollie Greig's allegations with the standard response:

"Historical allegations of sexual abuse made by Hollie Greig have been investigated by Grampian Police and the local Procurator Fiscal. All the available evidence was reported to Crown Office for the consideration of independent Crown Counsel. Very careful consideration was given to the material by Crown Counsel who concluded that there was insufficient, admissible, credible and reliable evidence in respect of these allegations."

 Can we assume that Mr Mulholland will now start agitating for further investigations into the allegations made by Hollie and for the perpetrators to be brought to justice ?

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