Friday, June 3, 2011

Taxi For MacAskill ?

 The abject failure of Scottish "Justice" Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, to intervene in the Hollie Greig case would surely have forced his resignation were it not for the virtual black-out of reporting in the mainstream media.

 However his astonishing comments attacking the UK Supreme Court for  attempting to uphold the human rights of Scottish citizens will surely end his political career.

 What does the future hold for MacAskill   ? Perhaps he and his business associates will expand their interests in the licensed trade in Eastern Europe ? 

 Or could he develop a new career as a taxi driver, regaling his punters with tales of how Scotland had the best legal system in the world ? Hollie Greig, Megrahi, Nat Fraser, Shirley McKie and many others may beg to differ. 


  1. An evil man right up there with eastern Europes finest

    How long before Alec and Kenny have their own secret police?

  2. Perhaps an investigation into Kenny's close relationship with David Coutts might aid his removal from office. The eastern europe connection is right on the money, they co-owned a bar in Estonia. Did I mention the murder of Willie Macrae? Where are you Dr. Dorothy Elpseth Messer?

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