Monday, June 6, 2011

My Defence Team

 Now that all Legal Aid issues have finally been resolved my defence team is now in place. Unfortunately Donald Findlay QC is now unable to act as my senior counsel due to commitments to other cases, but I am extremely pleased to have secured an excellent replacement in Frances McMenamin QC.

 Junior counsel, John McLaughlin, and human rights lawyer, Gerry Sweeney, remain as members of the team.

 I will be attending another intermediate diet in Stonehaven this Wednesday, which will be my eighth court appearance to date.


  1. Robert.

    Good luck with your case. From what I have been reading, Scotland's Judicial System, if it wasn't for Jersey's, could be the most corrupt in the western "democratic" world.

  2. From the link provided..........In 1990-1991, she was Junior Counsel for the Crown in the Lockerbie Inquiry

  3. We are all watching Robert, and our best wishes from the people of Jersey are with You, Hollie & Anne xxx

    "Fear is the only darkness"

  4. There comes a time when silence is betrayal. We have met that silence many many times.

  5. So pleased to meet another waiting the wait on our Justice System, supporting you and Hollie.

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  7. Posting and supporting you.
    I hope you win through, on behalf of all fighting for justice everywhere.
    @sheepfoldcarer We will not be silenced.