Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sinecure For The Dame Of Shame

 I note that "Dame" Elish Angiolini has been appointed by "Justice" Secretary Kenny MacAskill to chair a Commission with the aim of "improving outcomes for female offenders".

 Would it not be more appropriate to improve "outcomes" for female victims such as Hollie Greig who, in spite of being paid £13,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, has yet to see those whom she accused of raping her face criminal charges.

 All right-minded people would surely agree that those who commit the most serious offences, whether male or female, should be pursued by the criminal justice system and, if found guilty, punished accordingly.


  1. These people really do love to take the piss.

    "Although some women are violent and need to be in prison to protect communities and themselves, many are deeply vulnerable people for whom offending is a result of chaotic lifestyles, mental health difficulties and severe addiction problems. Many will have been the victims of abuse - physical, sexual or mental - in their childhood."

    Ho hum.........

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