Friday, June 3, 2011

The Net Closes In On Salmond And The Scottish Government

 In my blog on May 9th I congratulated Alex Salmond and the SNP on their resounding election victory. I sincerely hoped that they would take the opportunity to clean up the Scottish justice system and to launch a full public enquiry into the Hollie Greig case. Around the same time I wrote to Mr Salmond offering to co-operate with such an enquiry and expressing my wish to let bygones be bygones.

 Mr Salmond's failure to even acknowledge my letter, together with the extraordinary comments both he and Kenny MacAskill have made regarding the UK Supreme Court , lead me to believe that the SNP Government have no interest whatsoever in "Justice" as most right-minded people would understand it.

 Even more seriously, the Information Commissioner has now had to intervene in order to force Salmond and the Scottish Government to reply to correspondence on the Hollie Greig case which they have, to date, simply ignored.

 One wonders if the election result might have been different had the electorate known about these matters.

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