Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Support Continues To Grow - Please Spread The Word

 One of the benefits of this blog is that it enables me to gauge the level of interest in and support for Hollie's case. I am pleased to report that we have exceeded 31,000 hits in the blog in a little over 6 months and that, even with nine days to go, June is already the busiest month to date.

 Support continues to come in from all quarters. I appeared on an Irish radio show last night and tonight I am appearing on an American radio show. It is most heartening that the power of the internet enables Hollie's story to be heard when the mainstream media, for whatever reason, do not report it.

 It is significant that those who attempt to deny justice for Hollie do not offer any counter-arguments but simply ignore us, presumably in the hope that we will simply disappear. They must surely realise that Hollie's Peaceful Army is not going to disappear and that the day of reckoning can only be delayed, never cancelled. Attempts have been made in the past to derail the campaign but they have been repelled.

 However, it is important that, rather than resting on our laurels, we build from our position of strength. Therefore, I would ask that everyone reading this blog makes the effort to tell Hollie's story to 10 people who have not heard it before.

 Thank you all for your support.



  1. http://www.firmmagazine.com/features/966/Online_Exclusive%3A_Mike%27s_blog_-_The_Rule_of_Law_is.html

  2. I have just read the affidavit of Lenny Harper. If half of the same corruption that he experienced in Jersey exists in Scotland, then there will be no chance of getting any justice for Hollie.

    The whole of the British Isles is being run by gangsters under the guise of the Establishment.

    Here's the Harper link,


  3. Should contempt of court proceedings be raised against the First Minister?

  4. Suspected Misconduct in Public Office. Oh what the heck, just chuck the book at them.

  5. You keep putting up the posts and we will keep sharing them :)

  6. I have listened to Robert speak on the subject, and I believe he is an honest man trying to right an injustice carried out on a vulnerable individual. Why anyone should be officially gagged from speaking is in itself an injustive and goes against the principle of freedom of speech. If we do not have freedom of speech how can we ever have justice. There are bigger implications to this case, and they revolve around the type of society that we would want our children to grow up in, An extension of this idea is how do we protect the vulnerable. Citizens of the UK want laws which protect the innocent and serve justice to the guily, we also want a system which does not operate on double speak, or codified laws, which are currently in operation and are referred to as legal jargon (levels of knoweldge) with which the general public (and many solicitors and legal representatives have no knowledge of. Lets see if by Supporting Robert and Holly we can move towards a legal system which is equitable, and protacts the majority not a select minority who can pay to legally subvert the *law (by law I mean the rules which the common man is forced to adhere to). A two teir legal system is untenable and should be changed forthwith. Aristocrats and commers should be tried under the same laws with the same rules, otherwise we are all working on a legal system which is no better than the apartheid. Best wishes to Robert and his family with whom have also suffered and enjured hardship,