Monday, December 19, 2011

Alex Salmond - Scottish Patriot?

The position of First Minister Alex Salmond in regard to Hollie`s case has been a curious one, as he perpetually claims to stand for the interests of the Scottish people - but to which Scottish people is he referring?

Surely not the vulnerable children and disabled of Aberdeen, facing rape and ritual abuse, whose plight he has not only ignored, but also made false statements about his involvement in and knowledge of the Hollie Greig case, as published in The Firm magazine of 11th July.

Whatever one`s views on the case, it seems distinctly odd that two English MPs, Andrew George and David Ruffley, have gone out of their way to register their considerable disquiet about the lack of proper investigation into the case and that an English member of the House of Lords, Lord Monckton has gone on film to demand a public inquiry. It is also puzzling that the First Minister and his SNP Westminster colleagues showed no interest in attending the meeting in the House of Commons in which I was invited to speak about the case.

Meanwhile, Mr Salmond, who represents a constituency neighbouring that of the scene of the atrocities, now maintains an undignified silence. Who is he seeking to protect and why?

He appears to display a staggering personal loyalty to Elish Angiolini, made all the more remarkable as she is not a member of the SNP and a Unionist - and what about his magic circle friends and associates in the North-East?

Are these the Scottish people whose personal interests he really stands for?

Perhaps the First Minister may wish to clarify his stance to the people and taxpayers of Scotland.

On a different note, many thanks for all of you who have kindly sent me cards and Christmas and New Year good wishes. If I do not manage to reciprocate personally, please forgive me, but I have received a very considerable number of messages. One surprising and charming Christmas card has arrived from Terra Firma, Elish Angiolini`s Chambers. I do hope that it has not been sent to me in error.


  1. In a country, controversies about the chief of the court are always there. There are times that people will wonder why these people are in that position and any other stuff. But we all have to take in mind that Court reporting agency from the different countries around the world knows what they are doing and no matter what we say, they are on that position to do something better.

  2. Alex Salmond claims to be a Christian. Why don't you hold him to his allegience to the Lord Jesus Christ? If he truly is a Christian he ought to be putting his duty to God before any allegience to the people he works with. He ought to be doing what is RIGHT.

    Why don't you write to him and ask him about this Robert? What harm can it do?

    As Alex Salmond is a Christian (I heard him say so on Desert Island Discs) he won't mind you quoting from the Holy Bible, as Christians love to read that book. Here are a few Bible quotations you may want to include in your letter:

    Exodus 20 v 16

    Proverbs 3 v 27

    Proverbs 6 v 16 - 19

    1 Thessalonians 4 v 6 - 7