Saturday, December 24, 2011

Freemasons and the Hollie Greig case?

As many followers of the case and those related to it, including my own, will be aware, I have made it clear that I regard it as unfair that there is general criticism relating to undue influence being exerted by members of the Freemasons in suppressing the true facts about the attacks on Hollie and others or the murder of her uncle.

I have absolutely no evidence to support that supposition and am aware that many of our most loyal followers are Freemasons. I have also known many members of the organisation during my lifetime and found most of them to be people of the highest calibre and rectitude. Therefore, I bear no personal ill-will towards Freemasonry in general and would only challenge any individual I thought may be abusing membership in order to pervert the course of justice.

However, an incident took place at Stonehaven Court on 30th April 2010 that I have hitherto not published, but as my trial date draws near and the Scottish establishment have not seen fit to drop the charges against me, I believe that it is in the interests of justice and impartiality that I should now mention it.

The hearing came as a result of my application for a variation on my bail conditions to allow me to campaign freely as parliamentary candidate for Aberdeen South in the last few days prior to the General Election on 6th May, which had hitherto been denied me. I was to be represented by Aberdeen solicitor George Mathers, but he withdrew unexpectedly at the last minute, leaving me with no option but to fend for myself. My application was refused, albeit on extremely controversial grounds that have already been discussed.

In my elevated position in the witness box, I was able to see Crown Prosecutor Stephen McGowan pass an A4 size document in black and white to Sheriff Patrick Davies, covered entirely by the commonly used square and compass symbol of Freemasonry. As I had made no attack on the Freemasons, I could not understand why such a document could possibly be used in evidence against me. Frankly, I was placed in the dilemma of challenging McGowan and Davies at that point or giving the impression that I had not seen the transaction. As the hearing was held in secret with no supporters, press or independent witnesses present, I decided to take the latter course.

However, Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen has just ruled to deny me the availability of Stephen McGowan as an important witness for the defence, allowing the latter to lead the prosecution against me. Therefore, in order to avoid any widespread perception of any conflict of interest that may be thought to exist, and in the best interests of justice and fair play, I shall ask, at the beginning of the trial, whether the Sheriff and the Crown Prosecutor are Freemasons. 


  1. Don't let them tell you what you can a can't do Robert. You need to be chucking everything in your arsenal at them.

    They have all worked outside their job discription, and have total disregard for the public and the law.

    Why have not MPs raised what is going on and bloody do something about it?

  2. the depths that this case has the potential to reach are staggering.When all things come to the fore,as they will,many peoples of so called high office will be exposed for the deeply sick and corrupt items they truly are.In the mean time to try and hide their true nature they will use every avenue possible to avoid the inevitable.Keep going Robert,the awareness of the case is almost at the point where it can no longer be contained and hidden from common knowledge.You are not alone Robert.May you,Hollie and Anne,your friends and family have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. "The three great principles of Masonry being Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth are essential to the Order ...."

    Robert, I'm sure there are many decent law abiding FM's, but the message the organisation is sending out is that there isn't much in the way of Truth, let alone Justice or Relief for victims of vile crimes committed by their members.

    I guess blatantly perverting/obstructing the course of Justice to protect perverts within their membership sits well with members.

    How can any respectable organisation operate on the premise that no matter how amoral a crime committed or suspected of being committed by a member/s, it will be cover-ed up at any cost.

    Keep well Robert, Anne and Hollie and all the good people who want Justice for Hollie.

  4. The newly appointed Grand Master of the Israeli lodge in Tel Aviv is a Palestinian. I wonder where his allegiance lies?

  5. I know all about Masonic abuse Robert, as you know, and the suffering I have had to endure. You must steadfastly insist that you are given a fair trial. I am praying for you, and God is stronger than the devil the Freemasons pay alliegance to. The Freemasons, mainly, are a big group of people who really think they are doing the right thing, but they don't realise that they are part of a satanic cult. God would never ask someone to cover up wrongdoing out of misguided brotherhood. Keep strong, and trust the Lord Jesus to deliver you from this mess. And keep steadfastly insisting upon your God given right to a fair trial!

  6. I'm able to post on your blog again. I have been blocked for ages, all sorts of strange things have been going on. Anyway, so glad to be able to post here again.

  7. Hmmm, the Scottish Rite Masons.
    Let's not forget that the Dunblane massacre - committed by Freemason Thomas Hamilton - was a massive cover-up.
    Former Scottish Grand Master Lord Burton publicly revealed that ranking Freemason Lord Cullen's official probe suppressed crucial information to protect high-profile legal figures in the secretive super-Mason cabal of pederasts known as The Speculative Society.
    There are direct links back to Dunblane's Queen Victoria School - where Hamilton was allowed the run of the place prior to the 1996 atrocity.
    Further, Lord Burton revealed that he was bullied and threatened by other peers when he tried to raise his concerns in the House of Lords - stating for the record "There's no escaping the fact that there's something sinister about the whole affair as pupils at QVS were regularly taken away and sexually abused."

  8. As someone who has been investigating alleged links between Freemasons and child abuse going back decades, I am sure that there is Masonic mischief being conducted in relation to Robert's attempts to obtain justice for Hollie.

    I was told in 2004 that there were connections with paedophiles, child abuse and Freemasons. This was by a former Labour MP who volunteered the information without any request from me. She advised that "The Masons were involved in the North Wales child abuse cases". Subsequent investigations have revealed this to be true. I would recommend people look at Rebecca Television online to get more information on this.

    Since this time, I have gathered much more evidence and information about this. I have spoken to people, including MPs and others who worked in Social Services and such like. The outcome is that I am 100% certain that there exist organised paedophilia and child abuse within Freemasonry. I don't say that ALL Freemasons are involved, though I suspect they have an idea what is going on generally. I myself know of decent Freemasons and won't condemn them as a whole. The problem arises in that they do all cover up for each other, even to the extent of hiding criminal activity. They also target people who attempt to disclose the truth, who find themselves the subject of a Masonic vendetta. This tends to try and smear the character of these people. To make them isolated and shunned by people. They also like to get people into the criminal justice, or mental health systems where they can make life very difficult indeed.

    This is what is going on here. Their Masonic mischief is designed to make life difficult for Robert. We must fight them and support him.


  9. How do i get in contact with Robert Green