Friday, December 30, 2011


On 8th September 2009, I was present as Hollie Greig was interviewed for three and a half hours by Grampian Police officer DS Lisa Evans. During the interview, Hollie, accepted as a competent and truthful witness, gave clear details of the sexual abuses she had endured, the identities of her abusers and locations where the abuses took place.

No-one else was subsequently interviewed, no computers belonging to the alleged abusers were examined and no expert medical witnesses, whose testimonies supported Hollie`s allegations, were contacted, despite the state having earlier granted Hollie £13,500 in compensation for her suffering as a result of the crimes she had described.

In January 2010, certain individuals took exception to my efforts to warn the citizens of Aberdeen of the police`s failures and that vulnerable children and the disabled were likely to be continually at risk as a direct result.

Grampian Police promptly interviewed no fewer than sixty-one people and even sent two detectives from Aberdeen to Glasgow in order to interview solicitor Peter Watson, of Levy &McRae, who had earler issued threats to the media on behalf of Elish Angiolini to prevent stories of her proven involvement in the Hollie Greig case entering the public domain.

As soon as I was arrested on 12th February 2010, Grampian Police arranged for four officers to be sent on a 700-mile round trip to my home in Cheshire, to seize personal documents including my computer records. One of those officers was DS Lisa Evans, who had previously taken no action to seize the computers of the alleged sexual offenders.

In 2001, when Elish Angiolini was Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen, having prevented an investigation in the allegations made by Hollie in 2000, she also failed to have a 22-year-old man charged, who actually admitted to having raped a girl of 10 and a boy of 7. Working with Angiolini on this case was the same sheriff who Hollie has accused of abusing her. The story of this shocking failure was published in May 2001
in The Times and by Tara Womersley in The Telegraph. Angiolini was forced to issue a public apology for her incompetence, claiming as an excuse that her department was understaffed.

In 2010, in contrast, Angiolini lost no time at all in having me arrested and charged for a "Breach of the Peace".



  2. "Working with Angiolini on this case was the same sheriff who Hollie has accused of abusing her."

    And that is the reason you have been treated like a criminal. Corrupt as hell.

  3. Hi Robert

    A little bit of good news today, STUART SYVRET was released from prison after being jailed for fighting against Government child protection failures :)

  4. Yes, but the paedophiles and criminals are plotting to have him re-arrested with more trumped up charges. But Stuart is looking well, and started writing his book in prison.

  5. Hello Robert,lets make sure this is the year that all this comes out into the open and justice is served.The actions of those involved is a disgrace to humanity and they are running out of places to hide.

  6. Published on Monday 31 December 2007 20:45

    IAIN MCKIE, father of former detective Shirley McKie, from Ayr, warns the forensic foundation of our entire legal system is under threat.

    FOR well over a century police, lawyers, judges and juries have accepted forensic evidence without question. But now as "light is being let in on the magic", fingerprinting, DNA, footwear, firearm and the other such evidence is being challenged and found wanting.

    The Omagh bombing, the World's End Murders, the Templeton Woods murder and the SCRO fingerprint case have all shown that previously infallible evidence is indeed fallible and finally the prosecution system is being forced to review its whole forensic strategy (your report, 22 December).

    While this is bad enough, Lockerbie and other cases have also revealed evidence of police and Crown Office incompetence, political intrigue and a court and legal system struggling to cope.

    A system where justice takes forever and at a prohibitive cost. Slowly the realisation is dawning that we are faced with a justice system no longer fit for purpose. A system where there is very real danger of the innocent being found guilty and the guilty escaping punishment. Instead of the usual face saving "first aid" aimed at preserving the power and privilege of those within the system, the time is long overdue for broad ranging public and political debate aimed at creating an open, accountable and accessible system.


  7. I feel like a tiny little mouse at times, with only a tiny little squeak, that can hardly be heard at all, but I, and others, have been squeaking for years about the abuse of the judicial system.

    Whats been posted above is worrying as the Government have recently cut back on forensic testing.

    I feel so weak and powerless, it's like you can shout at the very top of your voice until your lungs feel like they are bursting, but still you only have a tiny little squeak. But if a whole lot of mice all squeaked together it would make one gigantic big SQUEAK that even quite deaf people could hear.

    I am glad I can post on your blog again Rob. It was over 6 months I have been blocked from posting here. Someone on Facebook said I had been blocked because I multiple posted and that I am a pest, but I knew you would never block me, because you are a kind man, even if I was a pest you still wouldnt hurt me, I know you wouldnt, you might have a quiet word with me to ask me not to post so much or go off topoic if I had gone on too much about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager but you wouldnt just block me.

    I think squeaking is the answer. I think all the little mice need to squeak all together. I think cunning cats ought to be kept an eye on. Thats what I think and I hope people understand what I mean by it.

  8. Do you have a warrant number for DS Lisa Evans?