Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meeting at the House of Commons

The event was most interesting, attended by a wide range of experts in the field of ritual abuse as well as a number of distinguished guests and fellow speakers, which included two young but extremely efficient police officers from South Wales, who have recently brought to justice members of a satanic paedophile ring operating in Kidwelly. If only there had been officers of similar calibre in the Grampian area, then the whole Hollie Greig campaign would have been unnecessary, as I have no doubt that the proper investigations that Hollie, Anne and the Aberdeen public are entitled to expect from its police force would have been carried out.

A number of members of the Commons and the Lords attended the meeting and the level of potential support and interest in Hollie`s case was extremely encouraging. I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to address a meeting of this kind and every effort will be made to build on these important contacts.

Thank you again for the kind messages of support I received prior to the event.


  1. Did any members of Parliament and the mainstream media attend?

  2. Sorry, meant to say, 'can you name the members of Parliament that attended'.

  3. Did any of the MPs, Lords, or others present, offer any actual support and assistance?

    What kind of response did they give to your predicament over the legal action in Scotland? Any offers of getting involved with a view to helping you?