Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crown Office - Running Scared?

I attempted to speak to the Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland, today, regarding his failure to respond to my email requesting an explanation about the events of 15th November, as I have good reason to believe that confidential information (albeit inaccurate and premature) about my case was disclosed to a third party not involved (The Scottish Sun).

As the details so far available indicate that this leak came from the Crown Office, I feel that it is entirely reasonable that an explanation should be provided to me.

My call today, on 0131 226 2626, was taken by a male who described himself as a security man, who proceeded to tell me that he was under orders not to put my calls through to anyone in the Crown Office! He refused to identify himself.

These are public officials who are refusing to respond to a request directly concerning me, that must be regarded as reasonable, given the circumstances and the contents of the article in the Scottish Law Reporter.

There is the separate issue of whether there existed a conspiracy against me between the Crown Office and my former Senior Counsel, Frances McMenamin QC. She too has failed to respond to my request for an explanation, so I have approached the Faculty of Advocates for advice as to how to formulate a complaint against her.

The editor of the Scottish Sun, David Dinsmore, has similarly refused to comment on the statements attributed to one of his paper`s journalists.

If no serious irregularity has taken place, why does this wall of silence exist?


  1. They are almost beaten, now they are speechless....Keep at it Robert.

  2. Misconduct in Public Office, or even suspected fow play is a serious offence a Police matter.

    The elements of misconduct in public office are:
    a) A public officer acting as such.
    b) Wilfully neglects to perform his duty and/or wilfully misconducts himself.
    c) To such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public's trust in the office holder.
    d) Without reasonable excuse or justification.

    They do not hold the right template to subvert your actions. That is why they are forever falling over themselves.

    They are not particularly bright persons, despite their positions. However, they would make good comedians.

  3. Do you know the name of the journalist? It might be worth pointing out to other Scottish Sun workers that their newspaper could get closed down to prevent further investigation. The News Of the World was closed on what now appears to have been false knee-jerk reaction. I guess they'd all get a good piece of hush-money though, £13,500 on average I suspect.

  4. Robert, I am sorry to read yet more on the continuing troubles you are experiencing with the McMafia.

    The conduct they have displayed in this case would be bad enough for a bunch of gangsters. For people who are supposed to be responsible for upholding the law, it is nothing short of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

    Someone else has mentioned Misconduct in Public Office, I think the parties concerned should also be regarded as having engaged in Malfeasance.

    All of these are criminal offences which carry prison sentences if the persons concerned are found guilty.

    In addition, you are being denied your rights enacted in the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, specifically Article 6, the Right ot a Fair Trial.

    Have you asked any of the lawyers who specialise in Human Rights cases to act here? The names Christian Khan, Bindmans and Birnberg come to mind.

    The McMafia seem prepared to ignore all semblance of integrity and The Rule of Law in their vendetta against you. We can only draw our own conclusions as to their reasons for this. I can hear the sound of whitewash being mixed.


  5. I think that comparing these people to the MAFIA is unjust to the latter. The MAFIA are much better to deal with, here are ten reasons why.

    Also note that I use capitals for the MAFIA. That is because it is an acromyn. Translated it means 'Death to French in Italy's cities', pertaining back to the French occupation of southern Italy in 11th century. The MAFIA was an underground movement of the people, finally dispeling the French under the direction of Garibaldi.

  6. Robert you have gagged the crown office well done blues man we need people like you to get justice for us all.

  7. Hi Robert, keep your spirit up and do not loose hope. Court reporting agency in and out of the court room are waiting for you to get the justice that you need. I am glad that you are still able to write your concerns to whatever is happening to you. Thanks and I hope to see good results soon.