Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coming Trial, Monday 16th January.

Although there will, no doubt, be discussions involving both sets of legal representatives, at present there remains the prospect of a maximum combined total of 96 witnesses being called by the prosecution and the defence.

As far as the prosecution is concerned, the two individuals named unconditionally as sexual abusers in Dr Eva Harding`s successful report to the CICA, which resulted in the compensation award by the state to Hollie, have not been identified by the prosecution for some reason that one can only speculate upon. The pair are, of course, the father and brother of Hollie, whom one might reasonably expect to be the most distressed of all the possible witnesses, if my allegations were without substance. However, I do intend to call them for the defence.

In fairness, it must be said that one other alleged abuser of Hollie, a female relative named in Dr Harding`s report, has provided a statement for the Crown and I shall be most interested to see how she behaves under cross-examination.

It may be that pyschological and medical examinations may be required of some witnesses to establish further whether or not they are telling the truth, as I am given to understand that reasonably reliable analyses  exist in cases of ritual abuse for both perpetrators and victims.

Meanwhile, I am awaiting a response to my formal complaint to PC Vicky Henderson of the seemingly prima facie case of crime being committed in Stonehaven Court on 15th November involving the Crown, Frances McMenamin QC and a reporter from the Scottish Sun. Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen has also been named as a possible witness to the likely offences committed.  

Finally, may I wish all the kind people throughout the world who have been following the Hollie Greig case a very Happy New Year and to thank you all for your support. It means so much to Hollie and Anne.


  1. Those of us, who can't be there in person, will be in spirit the truth v untruth. And for those who lie on oath = perjury, remember is a prison sentence.

  2. Wish I could come and support you all. We will be praying for you in our house though.

  3. Ref Eng65's well-intentioned comment - unfortunately the sexual abuse of prepubescent children and too the premeditated murder of their concerned, whistle-blowing uncles don't even qualify on the crime scale in Aberdeen for police investigation or prosecution - let alone the crime of perjury at Stonehaven Sheriff's Court.

    Oh well, when the corruption-ridden Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service is infested with kiddie fiddlers and their protectors, then achieving a level playing field for justice to be played out is like trying to get water to run uphill.

    However, on the 16th January 2012 a million-plus scrutinising eyes around the globe will be focused on Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court as Scotland’s Crown Office and entire corruption-ridden judicial system top the charts of criminal infamy and notoriety as they pursue their contrived Breach of the Peace case against Robert Green for his noble crusading efforts to expose the foul doings of a cabal of establishment paedophiles that comprise Aberdeen’s ranks of officialdom and their decades-long ritual sexual abuse of pre-pubescent special needs children – including Hollie Greig.
    Power to you, Robert.

  4. Robert, thanks to you this could be the year when the proverbial hits the fan.
    Those MP's that have had the chance to show support, and have not the courage to speak up, should be prepared to be named and shamed, shamed if that is possible.
    Here is a cause that cries out Help!
    If anyone who has read the case turns a blind-eye, well it should make one question..why.

    Best wishes for your visit too Stonehaven.

    regards, Brendan.

  5. Good luck, Robert. I shall be thinking of you on that day.

    It might be worthwhile approaching Sadiq Khan MP if you have not already done so.