Monday, November 28, 2011

Frank Mulholland and the Death of Robert David Greig

Throughout all the state`s innumerable attempts to obstruct and pervert the course of justice in relation to Hollie`s case and those related to it, none could be more blatant than the continued failure of the Scottish establishment to conduct a full investigation into the death of Hollie`s much-loved uncle, Robert David Greig, found in a burning stationary car in a remote lane to the north of Aberdeen on the night of 17th November 1997.

After a good deal of persistence, I received an anonymous email from the Crown Office on 30th August, stating that it had been concluded that Mr Greig had died by suicide.

Although a great deal of information, much of a documentary nature, has since clearly and overwhelmingly indicated murder, all the circumstances, even at the time of his death, pointed to foul play. I shall be laying out full details of the evidence and circumstances in a future blog, but what I can say is that suicide by fire is a very rare occurrence, Grampian Police admitting that during the past ten years, there has only been recorded one such similar event. This did not prevent the authorities concluding, in a document I hold, that Mr Greig had committed suicide just four hours after his death.

The NHS has also recently confirmed that it has no knowledge that any medical reports were ever requested about Mr Greig`s health by any investigating body and Robert Greig`s next-of-kin was never questioned about this vital aspect.

Many interested parties, including MP Andrew George, have stated that there appears to be a lot of evidence relating to these issues that point in one direction only, indicating that the whole case deserves a thorough review.

I have recently contacted the current Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland on three occasions, not only requesting the identity of the author of the Crown Office`s email, but also asking him to endorse the statement about Robert Greig`s suicide if he believes that to be true.

The Lord Advocate has refused to do this.

Thank you to all those who have sent me their good wishes in connection with the coming speech in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

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