Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Campaign Of Harassment ?

Having had time to reflect on the events of Saturday morning, I have posted a letter to the Chief Constable of Lothian and Borders Police, David Strang, informing him of the circumstances and asking for his views.

I cannot conceive any plausible explanation other than that Mr MacAskill, or someone acting on his behalf, called the police in order to prevent me from asking him questions which he was unwilling to answer.

It is somewhat ironic that the criminal charges against myself claim that I conducted a "campaign of harassment" against certain individuals. I believe that I myself was harassed on Saturday and that it is very likely that this was instigated by Mr MacAskill. Furthermore, I would assert that the actions taken against me by Grampian Police, the Crown Office and the Courts are tantamount to a "campaign of harassment".

 It is not only myself who has suffered harassment of course. Last June, Anne and Hollie's home in Shrewsbury was raided on the spurious grounds that Hollie was a "missing person". Again, I would have to question why the police acted in this way.

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  1. It is typical of the behaviour,the way the Police and others with vested interests have conducted themselves in order to protect each other, in these cases.

    There are similiarities with the case of Stuart Syvret in Jersey. They are persecuting him relentlessly.

    Why do they act like this if they have nothing to hide?