Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Case For The Defence #2: Hollie Is Being Manipulated By Her Mother Who Is Mentally Ill

The allegations which Hollie has made are so horrendous that it would be natural to think that perhaps she is being manipulated by her mother who could possibly be suffering from some form of mental illness. However there is absolutely no evidence to support this theory.

  It is true that Anne Greig, then known as Anne Mackie, was forcibly sectioned in September 2000 in the immediate aftermath of Hollie's allegations. As my blogs of December 12th and January 29th explain, the circumstances of this sectioning, are to say the least, extremely suspicous and a few weeks later Anne obtained a report from an independent psychiatrist which pronounced her perfectly sane.

  The PCCS report admits that this sectioning was instigated not by a medical professional but by a police officer.

  In January 2001 Anne's GP, received a letter from Dr Alasdair Palin of Cornhill Hospital which stated:

  "I have had no further contact from Anne since I spoke to you in November 2000 and am writing to confirm that I have now closed the case from a psychiatric point of view"

  To the layperson this seems a remarkably quick recovery from an alleged psychiatric condition which required sectioning just four months previously.

  Were it the case that Anne Greig was an unfit mother who was encouraging her disabled daughter to tell outrageous lies, then one would imagine that Hollie's father would intervene and attempt to gain custody. However, Denis Mackie has made no attempt to have any form of contact with Hollie since 2000.


 The highly respected journalist, writer and broadcaster Kenneth Roy has published an article on my bail conditions in today's "Scottish Review". It is included under "Legal Briefs".

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