Friday, March 18, 2011

Money, Money, Money

I am still being pursued by the Scottish courts to pay an amount of £6,195.60 in respect of expenses incurred by a Mr Graham Buchanan who has taken out an interdict against myself (see my blog of February 18th).

The Scottish legal system appear to have the mistaken belief that I have vast financial resources as I am still being denied Legal Aid for my criminal case (see my blog of March 14th).

The financial affairs of the Lord Advocate ofScotland, Elish Angiolini, have also came under scrutiny in the Hollie Greig case. The private law firm Levy and MacRae sent out letters to various publications on behalf of Mrs Angiolini threatening them with legal action. "The Drum" lodged a Freedom of Information request to establish whether Mrs Angiolini paid her own legal expenses or whether htey were paid from the public purse. The Crown Office, of which Mrs Angiolini is the head, declined to provided the information “on the basis that it would be likely to prejudice substantially the prevention and detection of crime.”

In 2008, Mrs Angiolini was again in the news when she was invited to join the Faculty of Advocates without the standard requirements of passing their exams or going through the nine month period of unpaid training known as "devilling". Bypassing devilling saved Mrs Angiolini around £80,000.

Mrs Angiolini has recently agreed to become patron of a charity which encourages the provision of "pro bono" (free-of-charge) legal services. She is quoted as saying:

"Pro bono work is something that I feel passionately about. I firmly believe that all of us in the legal profession should use our skills and expertise to serve the community in which we practise."

"It is this need, and the belief that everyone should have access to legal advice regardless of their financial position, which continues to inspire my support of pro bono services."

 I am reminded of the old saying: "Actions Speak Louder Than Words"


  1. Angilioni should be in prison - clear and simple. She has effectively covered up crimes of a particularly serious nature allowing named paedophiles to walk the streets and continue molesting vulnerable children, yet she gets lauded with honours and other priveleged crap. It is a disgrace that hardworking people are paying this criminals wages and other luxuries while she hides behind a band of bent lawyers who crawl and grovel to her every command. It is time this wastage stops and the sooner the better.It is an outrage and a disgrace to anything decent.

  2. What a lying toadess. You are right Butlin.... prison is the place for her..... in the section for rapists!.