Friday, March 25, 2011

More Censorship

 A number of Hollie supporters have been posting on the "Call Kaye" facebook page ran by BBC Scotland. They were very politely asking the question why the Hollie Greig case is not being reported by the BBC or indeed any other media organisations. It would be fair to say that there was a very positive response from the other members of the group.

 Strangely on Thursday 24th April the "Call Kaye" facebook page disappeared and the attempt to start a debate was thwarted. Following the decision not to proceed with a documentary on the Hollie Greig case in 2009, it would appear that the BBC will not tolerate any discussion of this case whatsoever.

 Atholl Duncan, BBC Scotland's Head of News and Current Affairs, was quoted last year as saying: "We will offer more debate and analysis than ever before on radio, TV and online covering UK, Scottish and local issues."  Why will the BBC not debate or analyse the Hollie Greig case.

 Atholl Duncan is a member of the Glasgow Advisory Board for Common Purpose and I am struck by how many people connected to the Hollie Greig case also have links to this organisation.

 Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini was a speaker at a Common Purpose Masterclass in Glasgow last Monday. I attended the venue for this event as I had hoped to speak to Mrs Angiolini about her recent comments on rape victims. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to speak to Mrs Angiolini on this occasion.

 Shropshire Council have treated Anne and Hollie in the most shameful manner and their Chief Executive, Kim Ryley, also has links to Common Purpose. When he was in charge of Hull council he issued an email asking that he be personally informed of any information requests relating to expenditure on Common Purpose.

 Grampian Police failed to investigate Hollie's allegations in any meaningful way and the expenses of their Chief Constable, Colin McKerracher, show that he attended a Common Purpose "Openground" event. Two senior officers who have, at various times, been in charge of Hollie's case, Simon Blake and Adrian Watson, also have Common Purpose links. Blake is a member of the Aberdeen Advisory Board and Watson is a graduate of the Matrix course.

 I do not intend to post for a few days as I am celebrating my 65th birthday this Sunday.




  2. It seems that Common Purpose has an agenda that is common to all the high ranking people surrounding Hollie's case. It will be interesting to see the connection when the mole reveals the truth. While we wait, have a lovely birthday on Sunday Robert.

  3. Happy happy birthday Robert
    happiness! an ocean full that is lots that is plentiful
    Joy in abundance, peace and harmony in ample measure
    Let all the wonderful things you treasure be bountiful on the day of your birthday and forever.
    And let love keep you snug like a glove in stormy weather. Best wishes to you Sincerely Beverly

  4. Happy Birthday Robert, and this again shows that we have the power and all the poor mass media can do is retreat :-)

  5. I expect you'll be looking forward to the state pension, lets hope they don't try and steal it from you to pay off the Sheriff.