Monday, March 28, 2011

Jersey Child Abuse Scandal: Parallels To The Hollie Greig Case

 In my blog of March 23rd I referred to Dr Ian Oliver, the Chief Constable of Grampian Police between 1990 and 1998. Dr Oliver left office following a damning report into his force's investigation of the murder of a nine-year-old boy by a known paedophile. The author of the report was Graham Power, who was then Deputy Chief Constable of Lothian and Borders Police.

 In 2000, Graham Power was appointed Chief Officer of Jersey Police and in 2007 he and his deputy, Lenny Harper, began an investigation into allegations of abuse at Haut de la Garenne children's home which prompted hundreds of former residents to come forward with evidence.

 In August 2008, Lenny Harper retired and was replaced by David Warcup from Northumbria Police, a graduate of the Common Purpose Matrix course.

 In November 2008, Graham Power was suspended and Warcup became Acting Chief of Police and immediately began to downplay the abuse allegations and to condemn the actions of Power and Harper. By the time Power reached retirement age in July 2010 the disciplinary proceedings against him had been abandoned.

 In April 2009 prominent Jersey politician Senator Stuart Syvret, a long term campaigner on Child Protection issues, was arrested for an alleged breach of the Data Protection Act. In November 2010 he was sentenced to ten weeks in prison for contempt of court. His court battles continue although he has been refused Legal Aid.

 These very disturbing issues are simply being ignored by the media in Jersey.

 The similarities to the Hollie Greig case are uncanny: failure by the police to properly investigate extremely serious allegations; silence in the mainstream media; persecution of those who attempt to bring the case to the public attention; links to Common Purpose.

 There is one key difference. In Jersey there were at least 3 prominent public servants who were brave enough to speak up and to attempt to do the right thing.

 For more details on the Jersey scandal I would recommend Stuart Syvret's blog. 

 A special word of thanks to all of the people who sent me cards and messages for my birthday yesterday.


  1. Hi Robert, a few more links to Jersey corruption.
    Jersey's Evening Propaganda
    Voice For Children
    Rico Sorda
    See you again in June mate.

  2. Belated birthday wishes Robert. I have had a read up on Ian Oliver, he is Chairman to a charity called KEY TRUST, which is supposed to be a charity for the mentally handicapped. Well, I decided to find out more about it, and the curious thing is that Key Trust appears to be a wealth management agency, and it is all connected to Jersey Channel Island as well.

  3. Dr Ian Oliver
    Dr Ian Oliver is an international consultant for the United Nations, former Chief Constable of Central Scotland Police, a board member of International Scientific & Medical Advisory Forum on Drug Abuse, an appointed life member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and an elected Member of Institute on Global Drug Policy.

    •2006 Drug Training Consultant to The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
    •2005 Drug Training Consultant to Aberdeen College of F.E.
    •Consultant for Decision Strategies plc. 2003 - 2005
    •International Consultant - United Nations & Europe from 1998 -
    •Visiting Lecturer - University of Teesside.1999-2003.
    •Police Service 1961–1998 London Metropolitan Police, Northumbria Police, Central Scotland Police and Grampian Police:-
    •1990 – 1998 Chief Constable, Grampian Police with special responsibilities for security of the Royal Court at Balmoral; and for the North Sea Oil Industry.
    •1979 – 1990 Chief Constable, Central Scotland Police with particular responsibility for the Oil Refineries and industry at Grangemouth.
    •1977 - 1979 Northumbria Police - Ch.Supt and Asst Chief Constable
    •1961 - 1977 Metropolitan Police constable to Superintendent.
    •1959 – 1961Regular Officer– Royal Air Force. U/T Aircrew.
    •1958 – 1959 Trainee Company Secretary. Elected President, Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland twice.

    Elected the International Vice President, International Association of Chiefs of Police.

    Awarded the Queen’s Police Medal (QPM.) for Distinguished Police Service.

    Committee Work: -
    In addition to the financial direction of multi-million pound budgets and the operational control of police forces, much of Dr. Oliver’s work as a Chief Officer was concerned with both national and international affairs. He has an extremely wide and varied experience in Chairmanship and membership of committees. In particular he was Chairman of the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland Committees on Crime, Discipline, Traffic, and General Purposes. He was a member of the committees on Terrorism, Firearms, Training, Criminal Record Office, the Scottish Crime Squad, Emergencies Planning, General Interests, Communications and the Police Advisory Board for Scotland. Additionally he was a member of corresponding committees in England & Wales. Dr. Oliver was a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police committees on International Policy, Terrorism, Juvenile Justice, and Firearms.

    Nationally - appointed by the Secretary of State to be Police Zone Commander (Northern) in time of war.

    Member of the Home Secretary’s Consultative Committee on Firearms 1989-98.

    Member of the Special Steering Group for Monitoring Royalty Protection.

    Member of the Service Authority for the National Criminal Intelligence Service.

    Other appointments: -
    •Chairman - Bramshill Police College Association.
    •Clerk to the Sir James Duncan Medal Trust.
    •Member, Executive Committee, Order of St. John.
    •Chairman - Key Trust, a charity for mentally handicapped.
    •Member, Royal Jubilee, and Prince’s Trust.
    •Member, Scottish Assn. for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders. (SACRO.).
    •Council member, St. Andrew’s Ambulance Association.
    •Member Editorial Board Criminal Law Review 1989-1998.
    •Chairman, Police Lifeboat Appeal 1990 – 1992.
    •Fellow Royal Society of Arts (FRSA.) 1993.
    •Board member, International Scientific & Medical Advisory Forum on Drug Abuse.
    •Appointed Life Member International Assn. of Chiefs of Police 2000.
    •Elected Member of Institute on Global Drug Policy 2001

  4. Another uncanny similarity with Hollies case is to be found in a novel by Esther Rantzen called 'A Secret Life'. Curiosity got the better of me so I bought the book. A quick scan through found the hub of the plot.

    The main character (Lucy) works in TV media. Her best friend at the company is killed in a car accident. Lucy is tasked with clearing her friends desk, and discovers files indicating that she had been investigating child abuse by Establishment figures. There were also letters threatening her, should she continue with the investigation.

    You couldn't write it!...but Esther did in 2003.

    Recently we had World Book Day. A Facebook thing was going around asking you to reach for the nearest book to you, turn to page 56, and enter something like the fifth sentence as a facebook comment.

    Esthers book was next to me, my bookmark was on page 56.......ooooeeeerrrrr!

  5. Two of Stuart's bullies get it back today

    BULLY 1

    BULLY 2

  6. Zoompad - Thanks for the info on Ian Oliver. He is a very interesting individual and I may devote a future blog to him.

    Ian - Mr Hayworth sounds a particularly unpleasant individual and cut from the same cloth as a tiny number of people (no more than five) who appeared hellbent on derailing Hollie's campaign last summer. Thankfully this cabal were exposed for what they were and are no longer any concern to Hollie's Peaceful Army.