Thursday, March 10, 2011

Police And Politicians

Following concerns raised by Ian Hamilton QC regarding the accountability of the police in Scotland to elected representatives, the independent legal journal "The Firm" asked the Scottish Government to clarify it's relationship to police forces.

 The response contained the following quotes :

 ‎"neither police authorities nor Scottish Ministers have power to direct Chief Constables on the enforcement of law or deployment of police officers"

 ‎"It would therefore not be appropriate for the Cabinet Secretary for Justice or any Scottish Government official to intervene in individual cases. This important principle is essential to protect the political and operational independence of the police service in Scotland."

 The words of the Scottish Government do not appear to be consistent with the actions of Justice Minister, Kenny MacAskill, last Saturday when it appears that he directed the deployment of police officers to question me and personally intervened in my pending court case by suggesting that I had breached my bail conditions.


  1. Can anyone say 'Arrest that Justice Minister'?

  2. But for that, I suppose we'd need some concrete proof rather than just the way it appears, however unlikely any other explanation may be.

  3. Simon

    It is the job of the police to investigate crimes. I trust that Lothian & Borders Police will investigate the possibility that Mr MacAskill may have committed a crime with the same urgency as they responded to a report that I may have committed a crime last Saturday.

  4. The Police have a history of serving the wishes of the politicians in Scotland. This is more prevalent when paedophiles are involved. Look at the Dunblane case where politician George Robertson leaned on the Police when they refused to renew the gun licence of Thomas Hamilton.

    The Police are also inclined to be in The Brotherhood as well as their political masters.