Friday, March 4, 2011

The Case For The Defence #3: It Would Not Be Possible For Such A Massive Cover-Up To Be Organised

 I cited the example of the Catholic Church paedophile scandal in my blog of February 25th to demonstrate how serious crimes taking place on a global scale could be covered-up for decades.

  I firmly believe that the vast majority of people employed by the police, Crown Office, Social Services, mainstream media etc will be perfectly decent and well-intentioned. However, I also believe that in organisations where there is a culture of secrecy and where the majority of employees will simply follow instructions rather than "rock the boat", then it will be fairly easy for a very small number of people to orchestrate a cover-up. Such people will be extremely well organised and will typically have links to other organisations.

 It must be said that the Scottish criminal justice system does not have a particularly good record for openness and honesty. Three specific examples are the Lockerbie/Megrahi affair, the Shirley McKie case and the Fettesgate scandal.

 I cannot understand why anyone could definitively state that there has not been a cover-up in the Hollie Greig case.

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  1. I totally agree and have done enough of my own research to have an informed opinion. Shameful. her case is but the tip of a huge iceberg. We must use these evil perverts tools to bring down their mansion.