Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Court Appearance

  Tomorrow I will be attending Stonehaven Sheriff Court for another intermediate diet at which I will be represented by Gerry Sweeney.


 This will be the seventh time I have attended this court since my arrest fifteen months ago. Travelling from my home in Cheshire to Stonehaven involves a round trip of nearly 700 miles. 


  1. the abuse of power continues........But so does the publicity.....Good luck Robert..

  2. "A long journey will not deter the man with high aspirations."

    Good luck from all of us here in Jersey Robert, No Retreat, No Surrender....

  3. Send a Robert Green 'looky likey' instead? works for the American government.

  4. All this just for wanting to (but not actually) hand out some leaflets. Astounding!

    Isn't it strange that others who are desperate for the case of Hollie Greig to be silenced (presumably so that paedophiles can continue to be protected by the elite and harm children and society) have constantly displayed exactly the same information as Robert Green wanted to hand out. However, they were not questioned, their website was not closed down and they were never arrested or have draconian bail conditions placed on them!

    Something stinks there!

    Good on you ROBERT GREEN! More power to you!

  5. It is well known what Robert is up against. There the sort of people who would sell their own kids to the highess bidder.

  6. I expect that your trial will be adjorned until September.

  7. Have sent some interesting info your way, and am going to send a letter to Alex Salmond tomorrow if I get it finished.