Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Great Satan

   Regrettably, Scottish "Justice" Minister, Kenny MacAskill, seems to be sticking his head ever deeper in the sand as he continues to wilfully ignore the failings of the Scottish criminal justice system.

 Commenting on the quashing of Nat Fraser's conviction he said: "It has always been the position of the Scottish Government that the High Court of Justiciary should be the final court of appeal for conviction matters in Scotland. I regret that once again the sovereignty of the Scottish courts appears to be challenged."

 It is contemptible that MacAskill seeks to deflect attention from institutional corruption in the Scottish legal system by attempting to portray this as a turf war between Scotland and England.

 Unfortunately, I cannot report any progress being made towards a public enquiry into the Hollie Greig case. Instead MacAskill is focusing on rushing in legislation to impose stiff penalties on those who incite violence at football matches. I wonder whether these laws will be applied retrospectively, and, if so, whether any action will be taken against a man who publicly referred to the English international team as "the great Satan". That man was .... Kenny MacAskill.

 MacAskill clearly has some expertise on these matters having been arrested at Wembley in 1999 on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly. He dismissed the matter as "a simple misunderstanding". Is this incident at the root of his antipathy towards the criminal justice system in London ?


  1. Kenny is clearly xenophobic

  2. Well said Robert! I didn't know about his little mishap in London! heh heh! I wonder if he helped rip up the turf at Wembley back in the 70's! :)

  3. Kenny wouldn't have lowered himself to do that, he led the assualt on the goal posts!