Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rally Against Child Abuse

 This Saturday, 4th June, I have been invited to speak at the Rally Against Child Abuse in Trafalgar Square. The event last year was very well supported and it is absolutely clear that Hollie`s case, horrific though it is, is just one of many. Although I can only speak with authority on the Hollie Greig issue, it is overwhelmingly obvious that influential individuals operating within public authorities throughout Britain are programmed to conceal paedophile crime in as ruthless a manner as possible.

I am deeply concerned to learn that one of my fellow speakers, Kevin Annett from Canada, will be unable to attend as he has been arrested, deported and banned from re-entering the UK.

 I am very pleased with recent progress in Hollie`s case and the fact that good people from various political parties all across the UK, are beginning to come forward publicly in support of our campaign for an independent, open and public inquiry into the various unsatisfactory issues related to Hollie`s case, including the forcible  kidnapping and assault on Anne Greig and the possibility of the murder of key witness Robert Greig, the latter issue thrown even more starkly into focus by its undoubted personal and circumstantial connections with the murder of Mrs Claire Webster.

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