Thursday, May 19, 2011

Will Grampian Police Now Investigate The Death Of Roy Greig ?

  Following the conviction of Malcolm Webster for the murder of his wife Claire Morris will Grampian Police now investigate the suspicous death of Hollie's uncle, Roy Greig.
  Roy was found dead in a burning parked car just north of Aberdeen in 1997. The official report at that time indicated there were no suspicous circumstances although Roy's family and friends were shocked at the notion that he could have committed to suicide. When Hollie later began to reveal details of the abuse she had suffered she alleged that Roy had witnessed her being raped and the time of this episode was narrowed down to around the time of Roy's death. Therefore there is a possible motive for murdering Roy in order to silence him.
 Anne Greig fought long and hard to see her brother's post-mortem report and she eventually received a copy in 2009 - more than 12 years after his death. She was shocked to discover that at the time of his death he was suffering from injuries to his skull, ribs and sternum. These are not consistent with the official cause of death, smoke inhalation, and suggest that Roy may have been assaulted shortly before his death.
  Malcolm Webster murdered his first wife Claire Morris in 1994. She was found dead in a burning car just a few miles from the scene of Roy Greig's death. At the time her death was not thought to be suspicous and it was only after Webster's second wife was involved in a similar "accident" that a murder enquiry was launched. 
 The pathologist who performed the post-mortem on Claire Morris was Dr XXXXX XXXXXX who also carried out the post-mortem on Roy Greig. My bail conditions prohibit me from contacting Dr XXXXXX. It is also worth noting that at least one policeman expressed concerns about Claire Morris's death but was instructed to "move on and tell my colleagues to do so as well".

 A fireman who attended the death scene  also expressed similar concerns.
 In another bizarre co-incidence, two friends of Webster who gave evidence at his trial were XXXXXXX and XXXXXX XXXXXX, Hollie's aunt and uncle on her father's side. My bail conditions also prohibit me from contacting the XXXXXXX.


  1. Not wishing to trivialise matters, but the case appears to have attracted the X factor!

  2. It is coming together Robert, keep at it mate.

  3. It appears they have woven a web of deception in order to cover up numerous crimes of an horrendous nature.

    I am not sure how all this should be investigated. Someone, or some people, need to investigate and pursue the links to these. Theoretically the Police shoule be the ones to do this but they have shown themselves to be untrustworthy. In fact, in failing to deal with these matters appropriately, they are committing further crimes themselves. This fact does not seem to worry them, it appears to be more important to protect certain people.