Monday, May 9, 2011

SNP Election Victory

 I would like to pass on my congratulations to Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party on their convincing victory in the Scottish Election. Mr Salmond stated in his victory speech:

   "The nation wants to be a better and I'll do everything I can as First Minister to make it better. We have given ourselves the permission to be bold."

    A better Scotland would surely require wholesale changes to the Criminal Justice System and Hollie Greig is just one of many Scots who has been badly let down by this system. I trust Mr Salmond will be bold enough, now that he commands an overall majority, to order a public enquiry into all aspects of Hollie's case. I would be more than happy to co-operate with the Scottish Government on this matter based on a spirit of goodwill. I am more concerned about progress and constructive action to obtain justice for and to protect the most vulnerable of Scottish citizens than recriminations relating to past misjudgements, apart from the actions of those most directly responsible for the dreadful events connected to the case.

 My client Anne Greig received valuable assistance from SNP MSP's Richard Lochhead and Brian Adam in the early days of her fight for justice.



  1. I am going to write a letter to Alex Salmond, because I heard him say that he is a Christian on Desert Island Disks, well I am also a Christian so that makes me and him brothers in Christ.

    Jesus said that we have to be kind and good and he told his diciples to take care of the lambs. He meant the vulnerable of course. So Alex Salmond has a duty to be kind to protect the ones who cannot protect themselves, people like Hollie Greig. Hollie should not have been raped and she should nbot have had her house broken into, and been injected, and had her mother sectioned, and her lawyer persecuted. None of those things should have happened, and Hollie ought to have been able to have a peaceful life, without all this horrible persecution.

    I am going to tell Alex Salmond that, and other things, for instance, how nasty it is to be raped as a child, I can tell him that by proxy for Hollie's sake because it happened to me as well, except I was a bit older than Hollie when it happened to me, I was 11, but she was only 6, nevertheless I am sure it was just as nasty, rape is always nasty, whatever age you are. I am going to tell him what it feels like to be in that horrible position, because I dont think he can know. Perhaps he might help a bit more if he knew what it feels like.