Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Scottish Justice System Is Unfit For Purpose

  The title of this blog is a quote from justice campaigner Iain McKie, a former police superintendent. He is calling for a Royal commission into the Scottish Justice System as a result of the numerous miscarriages of justices which are now coming to light. Mr McKie is the father of Shirley McKie, a policewoman who was wrongly charged with perjury, and is a prominent campaigner for a full enquiry into the Lockerbie bombing.,_self_serving,_incestuous_and_redundant.html

 The latest blow to the credibility of the Scottish criminal justice system is the successful appeal of Nat Fraser against his conviction for the murder of his wife, Arlene, in 1998. Mr Fraser has been imprisoned for 8 years as a result of evidence being tampered with and the prosecution failing to disclose all evidence to the court. Followers of the Hollie Greig case will not be surprised to learn that it was Grampian Police who investigated the alleged murder of Arlene Fraser, whose body has never been found.

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