Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trial Delayed Until September

  At my intermediate diet in Stonehaven this morning the Crown argued that my trial should commence in June, ie the date set at the hearing in January. My solicitor, Gerry Sweeney, counter-argued that the trial date should be put back by several months to give my legal team sufficient time to wade through the prosecution evidence and to prepare my defence. Sheriff Hammond agreed with Mr Sweeney and the trial is now due to commence on September 5th.


  1. I think I called that one!!

  2. The whole thing is utterly ridiculous and everyone knows it. The only reason you are being put through this travesty of justice is because you wanted to help a Downs Syndrome girl to get justice for being gang raped by a bunch of paedophiles. Justice will prevail, more people are becoming aware of this injustice every day, in spite of media gagging.

  3. You are a very brave, determined and inspiring man. Justice will prevail.